Army spouses build InDependence
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Fort Hood shooting memorial
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It’s 80 degrees at Fort Sill
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New, safer missile warhead tested
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Last Call
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Iron + Will = March Mayhem
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ADA units transfer defense mission
Lt. Col Patrick Costello and Command Sgt. Maj. Heather Smith uncase their battalion colors to signify 3-4 ADAR assuming their role in theater... Read Story »

FORT SILL, April 10, 1968 – Troops from Fort Sill’s III Corps Artillery Provisional Brigade remained on standby Tuesday night at Andrews Air Force Base, Md., where they were flown Monday for possible assignment to riot duty.

Authorities at Fort Sill said restrictions on passes and leaves were still in effect at the Lawton post with only emergency leaves being approved. Army officials have not announced how many troops from Fort Sill were airlifted to Andrews but other sources have estimated the number at 2,000 plus about 200 vehicles.

Fort Sill officials announced Tuesday that mail for soldiers sent to Andrews will be dispatched to them on daily courier flights which carry official mail from the post to Washington (Daily Oklahoman).

Historical note: The funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., assassinated on Apr. 4, was held April 10, 1968 in Atlanta.

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