Mission Statement

A/1-30th FA executes Initial Military Training and Professional Military Education to develop fit, competent, disciplined Field Artillery Leaders of character to enable maneuver commanders to dominate in unified land operations.

MAJ Jonathan Martin Commander
1SG Shaun Gaskin First Sergeant

Dear Fellow REDLEGS

     Welcome to the Fires Center of Excellence. My name is Maj. Jonathan Martin and I am the battery commander for A Battery, 1-30th FA, 428th FA Brigade. Our job is to train and educate Soldiers, Marines, and international partners in Field Artillery and fire support core competencies and values-based leadership and conduct as a member of the profession of arms in order to provide capable and confident leaders and artillery men and women to the operational force. You will leave the school house with a stronger warrior ethos, job proficiency and mentally and physically prepared to fight and win our nation's wars. We look forward to your arrival.

     Early reporting is authorized. Students reporting early will report to S-1, 1-30th FA battalion headquarters, building 757 McNair Road to sign in off of leave and complete their DD93 (Record of Emergency Data), SLGI 8286 (Service members' Group Life Insurance), Finance and Personnel Records Review.

     Students arriving on their report date will report to A Battery, 1-30th FA, in duty uniform (ACU) for in-processing. There will be an accountability formation at 0600 in the Summerall Hall motor pool directly in front of Powers Hall. Reporting in civilian clothing is not authorized. Students must bring a copy of their orders, a valid DA 31 (leave form) and ORB. If approved for Permissive TDY, you must report to the Family Housing Office at building 4700 (Welcome Center/One Stop) at the start of your permissive TDY. You must ensure Family Housing stamps your DA 31.

     Students you will need to bring with you PAPER COPY OF THE FM 6-40 or FM 3-09.81 upon arrival to FACCC, a copy of AUP, and FY 17 Cyber Awareness Certificate.

     If you have any questions or do not plan on attending this class date please let me know so we can adjust accordingly. Please contact 580-442-6707/6380 with any questions regarding the Field Artillery Captains Career Course.

Very Respectfully,

Jonathan Martin