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SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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Silver Star medal award

Technician 5th Grade Angelo Sportini and Pfc Edward Godlewski, Battery B, 102nd Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battalion

In World War Two, antiaircraft forces moved by ship as part of a landing to seize Oro Bay, New Guinea. Oro Bay was critical to supplying Allied forces at Buna and the U.S. Army Air Forces at Dobodura.

In a aerial raid on Oct. 15, eight enemy aircraft dive-bombed the ship on which Battery B, 102nd Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battalion, was loaded. Technician 5th Grade Angelo Sportini and Pfc. Edward Godlewski manned an antiaircraft gun emplaced on the landing ship's deck. Although their weapon was completely exposed, the two soldiers operated the gun throughout the attack and brought effective fire on the dive-bombers. Five of the enemy planes were shot down. Their disregard for their personal safety and coolness under fire contributed to the safety and survival of the landing ship. For this action, both men earned the Silver Star medal.

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