SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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13 November 1944, The commander of the 547th Antiaircraft Automatic Weapons Battalion was ordered to provide a platoon of automatic weapons in support of the 379th Infantry Regiment of the 95th Infantry Division. The orders were to deploy four 40mm Bofors guns and four towed Quad .50 machineguns to fire on Fort Jeanne d’Arc of the Metz fortress group.

This fort was in reasonably good repair with 12 large guns capable of hitting anything. The antiaircraft guns were to support an attack by the 2nd Battalion, 379th Infantry to capture the approaches south of the fort and open the way for the reduction of the fort’s positions. After several days of fierce fighting, the units destroyed the tunnels around the fort, and cleared the way for the Allies to turn the northern flank of the German bridgehead west of the Moselle River.

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