Effective Feb. 17, personnel not in possession of a DoD issued identification card cannot access Fort Sill without a pass. Passes are issued at the Bentley Gate Visitor Control Center.
Dear Fellow REDLEGS

     Congratulations on your commission and welcome to the Field Artillery Branch – "The King of Battle" and the 428th Field Artillery Brigade – the "Cornerstone Brigade." You have volunteered to lead Soldiers in an Army at war. I am proud of you for making that commitment and eager to help prepare you for such an awesome responsibility.

     Our Mission: for Field Artillery BOLC B is two-fold. First, to train, educate, and (most importantly) inculcate you into our officer corps and reinforce your knowledge of the Army values to help you better understand the Army officer culture. Secondly, we have a responsibility to the Army to make you proficient in Field Artillery core competencies so you can be an integrator of lethal and non-lethal fires to the operational force. When you graduate, you will be competent, confident and adaptive Field Artillerymen ready to lead Soldiers in your next unit of assignment.

     Your pre-commissioning BOLC A experience has exposed you to basic Soldier skills. At the Field Artillery BOLC B, we will reinforce some of those skills that we consider most critical in the first three weeks working towards building the Warrior Ethos (i.e., combatives, marksmanship, land navigation and physical fitness). Most importantly, we will transition you from a cadet or candidate into an Artilleryman and a Leader. No longer merely in the receive mode as a student--you, lieutenants, will take an active role in your learning experience. At times, you will lead and instruct your classmates. Your developmental experience at Fort Sill will be augmented with officers and non-commissioned officers excited to be a part of your training and who will coach, teach, and mentor you throughout this training. Upon completion of the first three weeks of basic skills training, you will transition into 15 weeks of Field Artillery core competency training. This training and education will focus on making you proficient fire direction and fire support officers.

     You will leave BOLC B with a stronger warrior ethos, job proficiency, and mentally and physically prepared to fight and win our nation's wars. Again, congratulations. We look forward to your arrival.