Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC)
Course Overview

The Army Basic Instructor Course (ABIC) is an 80 hour comprehensive course that trains U.S. Army Instructors (Active/Reserve Component/Department of the Army (DA) civilians/DA defense contractors) to deliver battle-focused training/education in The Army School System (TASS). Military personnel must meet height and weight standards IAW AR 600-9 and have passed the most recent APFT.

The target audience consists of U.S. Army, Department of the Army Soldiers and Marines, (DA) Civilian, and DA defense contractor personnel.


A Letter of Instruction is emailed NLT one week prior to class start with information about the class location, prerequisites and Points of Contact.

Students will complete the following assignments PRIOR to attending ABIC (documents are hyperlinked below):

  1. Complete pre-requisites on Letter of Instruction (LOI), sent by Registrar after enrollment is complete
  2. Complete Composite Risk Management Course within the current year and bring Certificate to class on Day 1
  3. Read Army Learning Model 2015
  4. Read Army Learning Model 2015 Practical Implications for Instructors
  5. Required materials - bring to class:

    - All certificates must be dated within the current year to be valid (IA and CRM)
    - Must have computer access to complete course requirements
    - Formatted CD-RW (re-writable) or DVD are required for the student guide and presentations
    - Copy of the ABIC Individual Student Assessment Plan ISAP, sent in LOI
    - Lesson plan from the course you will be instructing for Student Led Instruction Practicum #3

Course Date and Registration

Course offerings can be found by consulting the PDD Calendar available on the FCoE SharePoint Portal (**CAC Required**)

To determine if seats are available, please contact Registrar: 580-442-2002

Course Registration Form