Training and Education Developer Middle Manager Course (TDMMC)
Course Overview

Overview of the missions, operations and programs of the Generating Force. The focus is on using TRADOC Regulation 350-70, associated pamphlets, and student handouts. The course focuses on how to facilitate the management of training and education activities, inlcuding integration of development efforts with material procurement and the Operational Force.

Joining Instructions are sent to the student 3-4 weeks prior to class start.


Prerequisite: SAT Basic Course graduate. Student should be assigned full-time to a Training Development managerial position and have 18 months to serve in TD appointment.

Target Population: AA/RC officers from CPT through MAJ; AA/RC CW3 & CW4; AA/RC enlisted from SSG to SGM; DOD civilians (1700 series) from grades GS-09-GS-12.

Objective: Provide mandatory training to officers, non-commissioned officers, and civilians assigned to mid-level training and education management position in TRADOC institutions including the skills and knowledge necessary to manage training and education development according to HQ TRADOC regulations and guidelines.