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From the FA Commandant’s Desk
Caring for Soldiers
“I’d like to share a few thoughts on meeting our Soldiers’ physical, security, social and higher needs as a reminder for our young leaders and a refresher for our more seasoned leaders. As a commander at multiple echelons, I’ve learned that my investment in caring for Soldiers will be repaid many times over in their recommitment to the mission.”... More »
From the Desk of the Field Artillery CSM
Taking Care of Soldiers
“From the time I was a young Soldier, I’ve heard the phrase, ‘taking care of Soldiers.’ ... There’s no clear-cut checklist or step-by step performance measures that a leader can follow to ensure success. There are plenty of creeds, doctrine, and policy to assist, but the fact is that it is action that Soldiers remember. Those actions (or inaction) is what will determine how your Soldiers are cared for, and subsequently will influence how they will care for themselves, their Soldiers in the future, and you.” ... More »
Leadership and Social Media
“At the local/tactical level, NCOs have at their disposal an easy means of staying in direct contact with their Soldiers. For those still learning to embrace social media, this can pose a challenge when exploring it as a communications option with subordinates. Even if one does not actively participate in social media forums and other activities, it is still important to understand how younger Soldiers in particular view these platforms.” ... More »
Book Review: “Leadership: the Warrior’s Art”
This wide-ranging anthology brings together noted military minds as they examine the crucial role of leadership in the crucible of combat and relate the lessons learned... More »

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