Redleg Update
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From the Commandant’s Desk
In this edition of the Redleg Update we are highlighting how we are “Honing our Core Competencies,” and how Redlegs throughout the Army are making a significant impact on the Fires War Fighting Function”... More »
From the Desk of the Field Artillery CSM
“Field Artillery NCOs are valued as leaders and trainers. These competencies are developed and perfected through realistic training, strict adherence to standards, professional military and civilian education, and service in the most demanding positions in the FA and across the Army”... More »
Improving communications between digital fire systems
“There are many aspects necessary for the Fires WfF to accomplish its mission, arguably one of the most important is the ability to synchronize and mass effects across the battlefield”... More »
NATO: How to synchronize and integrate Multinational Fires?
“NATO at all echelons will operate in a Multinational environment. To provide Commanders the capability to make informed decisions, he/ she will need to visualize the battlefield"... More »
Guardsman first female fire-support specialist Army-wide
“Tucked away in a supply office at Armory 1 in Frankfort, Staff Sgt. Billie Jacobs, a supply sergeant for Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 63rd Theater Aviation Brigade tries to stay under the radar”... More »
Redlegs get more colege credit for Army education, training
In the past, Field Artillery Soldiers were not able to get much college credit for their military occupational specialty (MOS) specific professional military education (PME), but now that’s all changed”... More »