Redleg Update
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Hello from the 52nd Chief of the Field Artillery
I am humbled and honored to serve you as the Chief of the Field Artillery and Commandant of our Field Artillery School. To open this edition of the Redleg Update, I’d like to highlight some early observations to stimulate dialogue on our way forward. The branch and school are doing well... More »
Every Mil Matters
Troubleshooting is a complicated task that requires an understanding of ballistics, firing tables, and the automated systems. Due to the wide breadth of knowledge and experience required for proper troubleshooting, it remains a leader centric task that many are reluctant to embrace... More »
Social Media Best Practices
If a Soldier or leader uses a social networking site where he or she is or may be identified or associated with the U.S. Army, they must remember how they appear to represent their organization and the United States of America. UCMJ and other guidelines and regulations still apply... More »
This Month in History
1 July 1941, The War Department established the Field Artillery Officer Candidate School at Fort Sill... More »