Redleg Update
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From the Commandant’s Desk
Pre-2017 Fires Conference
“I would like to start off this edition of the Redleg Update by inviting everyone to attend the 2017 Fires Conference “Cross Domain Fires: Now and in the Future the Multi-Doman Battle” either in person or virtually May 3-4, 2017”... More »
From the Desk of the Field Artillery CSM
Semi Centralized Promotions
One of the topics I continue to address during my engagements across the force is our historically low boarding/promotions of 13F and 13M to skill level two and three... More »
Knox, Gruber & Hamilton 2016
The U.S. Army Field Artillery School has announced the winners of the 2016 awards for excellence within the Field Artillery branch... More »
Top 10 Army Modernization Efforts of 2016
Picatinny Arsenal engineers have been working to create a longer, newly modified M777A2 howitzer that has the potential to double the system’s current artillery range... More »
JointOperational Fires and Effects Course Schedule
The Joint Operational Fires and Effects Course (JOFEC) is designed to educate leaders from all services on Joint capabilities and targeting methodology to create both lethal and non-lethal effects... More »
Marines to get Smart Phones to call in Fire Support
This fiscal year Marines will receive smart phones that make calling for fire support easier, quicker and more accurate... More »