Redleg Update
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From the Commandant’s Desk
Happy New Year!We continue to make progress in our transition back to a greater need and focus on our Decisive Action skill sets. Integrating fires with maneuver is hard work and the center of what makes us a true profession. We are seeing tremendous effort by units regaining our field artillery core skills. It is imperative we share our lessons learned and best practices to accelerate growth across the force... More »
Redefining the Field Artillery Task
The United States Army has been fighting the Global War on Terrorism for over 14 years, and the direct support (DS) field artillery battalion’s ability to conduct proper fires planning leading to accurate and timely fires has suffered... More »
Reinventing the Wheel: Operational Lessons Learned by the 101st Division
The U.S. Army reactivated active component division artillery (DIVARTY) units in 2014 after a ten-year hiatus. Although the DIVARTY is not a new organizational structure, its latest incarnation comes at a period when critical operational- level fires skills have atrophied... More »
Winning at the NTC: A Fire Support Perspective
The brigade commander provided clear guidance to the 2-2 Stryker Brigade Combat Team (SBCT) fires team as it prepared for its National Training Center Rotation (NTC) 16-03; “I want to be permissive to fires and restrictive to aviation... More »
If I Could Do It Over Again
My time as Senior Fire Support Trainer (“Wolf 07”) at the National Training Center has given me the tremendous privilege of seeing other FSCOORDs in action and of looking back with a critical eye on my own performance in command. Below is a hypothetical memo to the me who was getting ready to assume command two years ago, in the hopes that it will prove useful to current and incoming Field Artillery Battalion Commanders as you think about where to focus your energies and prioritize your staff’s efforts... More »
Redlegs get more colege credit for Army education, training
In the past, Field Artillery Soldiers were not able to get much college credit for their military occupational specialty (MOS) specific professional military education (PME), but now that’s all changed... More »