The winner of the 2015 Field Artillery Edmund L. Gruber Award is:

SFC Jorge A. Moraguzman of C Battery, 2nd Battalion, 15th Field Artillery Regiment, Fort Drum, N.Y.

This award recognizes an outstanding Field Artillery Soldier for superb individual thought, innovation and overall excellence that results in significant contributions to or the enhancement of the Field Artillery’s war fighting capabilities.

SFC Moraguzman’s contributions as a Firing Battery Platoon Sergeant during 2015 were numerous, but here are some highlights of his accomplishments. SFC Moraguzman was a significant factor to the success of Charlie Battery’s transition from an 8x M119A2 Battery in 3rd Brigade, 10th MTN DIV to a 6 x M777A2 Battery in 2nd Brigade, 10th MTN DIV. Within the span of nine months since Charlie Battery’s redeployment from OEF 14-15, SFC Moraguzman’s vast experience, leadership, resilience, and intense training regime directly resulted in the Platoon being prepared to support OFS 15-16. Despite an extremely demanding operational tempo that included New Equipment Fielding/New Equipment Testing (NEF/NET) for their new M777A2s, a grueling subzero temperature Brigade Fire Support Coordination Exercise (FSCX), a rotation to the Joint Readiness Center, selection to provide support to the US Army Operational Test Command to test our advanced Precision Guided Munitions (PGMs), and then ultimately deploying in support of OFS 15-16, SFC Moraguzman led his platoon to excellence. Within four months of deployment, SFC Moraguzman supervised his platoon as they fired over 150 fire missions in support of multinational operations within the TAAC-S Area of Operations and Kandahar Airfield (KAF) Ground Defense Area (GDA).