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Farewell from the 51st Chief of the Field Artillery
“I would like to start off by saying I am proud to have been the 51st Chief of the Field Artillery and Commandant of the U.S. Field Artillery School... More »
Clearance of Fires Part II: Air Clearance of Fires
Among the biggest challenges the fires community faces is in executing the basic clearance of fires battle drill—both ground and air clearance... More »
426th RTI hosts first-ever course for new Field Artillery MOS
“The RTI hosted the Army’s first-ever course for the new 13J military occupation specialty Jan. 3-23, which merged the fire direction and control occupations of both cannons (13D) and rocket systems (13P) into one integrated MOS... More »
Is serving as a NCO SGL or SSGL, something you should consider doing?
To accomplish its mission, the NCO Academy must attract, train and certify the best technically and tactically proficient SSGs and SFCs who are the most competent leaders... More »