Headquartered at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, the United States Army Field Artillery School trains approximately 9,000 Soldiers per year. We are training, educating and developing adaptive Marines, Soldiers, Officers, partner-nation leaders, and civilians to win in a complex world. Our fire support courses and simulation centers, live-fire ranges, classrooms and facilties provide realistic, tailor-made training solutions to U.S. and partner-nation units and leaders.


The Field Artillery School trains Soldiers, Officers and Marines in tactics, techniques and procedures for the use of fire support systems in combat. The school provides individual training from the basic level to mid-level leadership skills.

The shool supports collective training of lessons learned on todays battlefields by maintaining a professional conversation with Soldiers and Marines in the field through the Fires Bulletin magazine, blogs and other media, and by supporting high-tech gaming simulations for the advance training of staff elements throughout the military.

At all times, the school supports the field artillery mission, which is to destroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon, rocket and missile fire and to help integrate all lethal and nonlethal fire support assets into combined arms operations.



At the turn of the last century, field artillery officers and soldiers rarely got to train (and never got to train in massing fires and other advanced skills). To remedy this trend, President Theodore Roosevelt sent Army Capt. Dan T. Moore to observe training at European field artillery schools. Based on Moore’s favorable report on the German Artillery School, the War Department decided to open a field artillery school.

The school opened in September 1911 with Moore as commandant. Its mission was to provide theoretical and practical instruction on the latest weapons and fire direction procedures. The Mexican Revolution forced the school to close in the spring of 1916 as students were ...More