Visual Information Center

Official DA Photo and Command Photo Information

Phone: (580) 442-8721/5222

Building 3162, Harvey Road
Room 110
Fort Sill, OK 73503-9004

DA Photo Information

• Make an appointment to be photographed and arrive on time

• Don’t need to arrive too early as the photographer may be assisting another Soldier

• If you arrive early, avoid congesting the hallways and foyers near the photo studio

• If you must cancel your appointment with the studio, call 580-442-8721 or 5222 as soon as possible

• Report to the photographic facility with a properly fitted and pressed ASU Dress Blue Uniform. There are dressing rooms available in the photo studio

• The photo is a ¾ length shot and you must wear the COMPLETE uniform

• You must wear basic branch insignia, all permanently authorized awards, decorations, combat and special skill badges and tabs. If affiliated, regimental insignia will be worn. The shoulder sleeve insignia (patch) and distinctive Unit Insignia (Crests) will be worn

• Leadership Tabs cannot be worn for a DA Photo

• DOD has a zero tolerance policy DODI 5040.05 on altering photographs and must be strictly enforced. The Photographer CANNOT alter the image in any way as to misrepresent the actual image

• Photographers will not alter the photograph, to include adding new rank, ribbons, stars or erasing waistlines or wrinkles by using photo imaging software such as cloning or healing tools

• DOD must take active measures ensure the accuracy and integrity of all official DA photographs and a digital copy WILL NOT be issued to the Soldier

• Ensure that your uniform and authorized permanent accessories, decorations, and insignia are worn per AR 670–1

• You MUST bring your Common Access Card (CAC) and that the name on the photograph must match the name on the CAC

• DA photographs will only be taken at approved DOD facilities

• The Photographer, or anyone providing assistance to you while taking the official photograph will not stuff, clip, or otherwise change or alter the appearance of the uniform to make it fit properly

• The Photographer will not provide any part of the uniform i.e. shirts, crests, ribbons. Photo reshoots will be taken only when there is an error caused by the photographer or the equipment

• Reshoots may be completed on receipt of a digitally signed email or written request by the company commander or equivalent on the soldier’s chain of command

• Army Regulation 640-30, Photographs for Military Human Resources
• Army Regulation 670-1, Uniforms and Insignia, Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms and Insignia

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs an official DA Photo?
For the Regular Army: Officers first lieutenants and above, chief warrant officers 2 and above, and enlisted ranks staff sergeants and above.
For the Guard and Reserves: All Officers, All warrant officers, and all enlisted ranks staff sergeants and above.

How long is my photo good for?
Generals- three years; all others- five years
You need a new photo ONLY if promoted or have received an Army Commendation Medal or above since your last photo...AR 640-30.

I changed units and have a new Unit Patch and/or Crest. Am I authorized or required to take a new Photo?
No and No. You need a new photo ONLY if you have been promoted or have received an Army Commendation Medal or above since your last photo.

Why can’t I login to VIOS?
Go to AKO and reset your password and try again.

Will I receive a hardcopy of my DA Photo?
Only Army Reservists in a TPU Unit will receive a printed photo.
All Army National Guard - Your existing DA Photo on file in IPERMS/DAPMIS will be used for all promotion and retention boards and AGR job announcements. All ARNG Boards are “Electronic Boards.” Soldier actions (officer candidate school, warrant officer applications, Active Guard Reserve, CID packets) will not be uploaded to DAPMIS. Paper copies will be provided.

How do I view or approve my DA Photo?
Go to:
Your photo will be uploaded to DAPMIS within 24 hours after taking the photo

Can I walk in to get my DA photo shot?
No, you must make an appointment with the studio.

Can I wear just my shirt and jacket?
No, please bring your full uniform (except shoes). Even though the photo is not full figure, you must have your trousers or skirt on.

'They' told me that I don't need my Unit Crests.
You MUST have Unit Crests for your shoulders.  

Can I wear my Infantry rope or other cords?
No, do not wear cords or ropes except for the Schutzenschnur.

Can I wear a Unit Award if I am assigned to the unit?
No, wear only permanent Unit Awards which are in YOUR records. (Chapters 29-30, AR 670-1)

I have Leadership Tabs and Infantry Blue Discs, should I wear them?
No, do not wear Leadership Tabs or Infantry Blue Discs.

I am getting a new award but it won't be in my record for awhile. Can I still wear it?
Wear all appropriate ribbons, badges, etc., that are in your record as of the date of the photo. It is your responsibility to check your records prior to having the photo taken and to make sure your uniform matches your record.

After I had my photo taken, I went home and realized that I had my ribbons on wrong or otherwise made a mistake setting up my uniform. Can I get another photo taken?
Photos will only be taken once per 6 months. It is your Command's responsibility to insure your uniform is correct prior to your studio appointment. Re-takes will be taken for the following reasons: A major change in physical and/or uniform appearance (i.e., change in weight gain/loss; an award of an Army Commendation Medal or higher; grade changes) (Paragraph 5, AR 640-30) 

I missed my appointment because I had to do something else.
DA Photo Appointments have been designated an official place of duty like a medical or dental appointment. If you have an emergency call as soon as possible to cancel. A list of NO SHOWs are turned in to the Division Command for action.
During the time period October through February, boards are convening. When you are a NO SHOW or cancel late, you are preventing another Service Member from taking that much needed vacancy.

I do not see my photo on DAPMIS. Does this mean that my photo is not on file?
Yes, your photo is not on file in the DAPMIS repository.

What must be done to view my photo in DAPMIS?
Contact the photo facility that took your image to see if the image has been loaded with the correct name and SSN as it appears on the personnel database.

What happens if I do not Accept or Reject the photo within three business days?
The system will automatically accept the photo on the 4th business day and it becomes your official DA photo of record.

Can the photo be rejected after the system accepts the image?
No. Once the system makes the acceptance you must take a new photo to replace the current one.

I went on DAPMIS and saw my photo, but when I log into my ERB/ORB, my photo did not come up. Will the promotion board see my photo?
Yes. As long as your photo is in the DAPMIS database, the boards will see your photo.

What must be done to view my photo on my board file?
You should contact your career manager to update your board file with the current photo in DAPMIS. This can be completed 48 hours or two business days after the photo has been accepted.

How does an Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldier update the date of last photo on their ERB/ORB?
Contact the enlisted or officer record section at St Louis when the date does not update in a timely manner.  

How long does it take for a photo to be available for other applications (OMPF, myERB, myORB...) once it has been accepted?
The photo is normally available in two days on those records.

How do you view your photo on MyERB?
Enlisted personnel only: Use this URL to display the photo on your ERB: HTTPS://MYERB.AHRS.ARMY.MIL/REPORTS/SOLDIERLOGIN.DO

Are all Soldiers' DA Official Photos loaded into DAPMIS?

Can I send photos other than DA Official Photos to DAPMIS?

How can I find the location of the nearest authorized official photograph facility?
Use this URL to find an authorized location:

Visual Information Ordering System (VIOS)

For CAC Card Users
All Visual Information (VI) Work Requests (Graphics, Photo Services, Multimedia, and Television Support) must be submitted online at the above website before we can start your work request. The site is CAC enabled. Initially you will be asked information to set up an account, but thereafter you will just need to use your CAC card. VIOS was designed to be “user friendly” and has drop down menus to help you submit a work request.

For Non-CAC Card Users
This is an alternative website for customers who do not have a CAC Card, but do have an AKO user name and password. This is so you may use the AKO version of VIOS. This website will take you to the same layout as the CAC Card version. Either of the sites will get your work request in to us.

For Photo Requests:
Use the “Photography” option when filling out the 3903 form. Please allow 24-72 hours for photos to be processed in DAPMIS after you have taken your DA photo.

Driving Directions to the Ft Sill Photo Studio

From Oklahoma City or Wichita Falls Texas:

1. Take I-44 toward Lawton Oklahoma

2. Take exit Key Gate Fort Sill

3. Continue to follow Sheridan Road west to Fort Sill BLVD

4. Turn Left on Ft Sill BLVD

5. Turn Right on Hoskins Road

6. Turn Left on Harvey Road

7. Arrive at 3162 Harvey Road, on the Right Enter the center double doors of BLDG 3162- the studio is located on the first floor, room 110.