SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
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15 December 1956, The Nike B antiaircraft artillery missile was renamed the Nike Hercules. Hercules was the only nuclear-armed surface-to-air weapon (AAA/ADA), which was operational with the U.S. Army. Development of an improved Nike missile began in 1952, with the primary goal to develop a missile with a significantly higher performance than MIM-3 Nike Ajax, known simply as Nike, which could still be used with the existing Nike ground equipment. After it had been shown that the Nike Ajax could not be equipped with then existing nuclear warheads, nuclear armament became another goal for the new missile. The SAM-A-25 Nike B program was formally established in June 1953.

22 December 1944, BG Anthony McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne that was surrounded by the Germans at Bastogne, Belgium, uttered his famous response to the German request to surrender by saying “Nuts.” American Air Defense Artillery played a role in keeping Bastogne from being destroyed by the German aircraft.

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