Career Trajectory

Lieutenants 0-4 Yrs

  • Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) 18.5 week course to teach officers fundamental of being an FA officer.
  • This course focuses on three primary leadership positions: platoon leader, fire support officer, and fire direction officer.

Captain 4-10 Yrs

  • Captains Career Course (CCC) is a 20 week course focusing on battery command, battalion fire direction, and battalion fire support officer tasks.
  • Course includes core competencies required for a wide variety of assignments.

Major 10-16 Yrs

  • Intermediate level education conducted at Ft. Leavenworth, Kan. designed to broaden knowledge of staff responsibility at the division and corps level headquarters.
  • Officers are introduced to interagency and non-governmental organizations and the challenges that await working in the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and multi-national level.

LTC: 16-25 Yrs / COL: 22+ Yrs

  • The Army War College is conducted at Carlisle Barracks, Penn.
  • Designed to teach how to work at the service, joint and interagency level.
  • This level answers issues and challenges that are more ambiguous and require different perspective.

Career Potential

Field Artillery Officer

  • Field Artillery officer's hold unparallelled creative problem solving, decision making and managment skills.
  • YOU are the best at delivering lethal fires and effects, but in reality, you are directly leading, supervising, training, facilitating and executing the mission.
  • Your translated expertise includes: leading personnel managment, strategy, targeting, logistics, operations, planning, leadership development, training, program management, and research.

Fires Support Officer

  • Lead and operate Armor or Infantry units.
  • Own your own Bradley or Stryker to integrate and control all fires.
  • Fires include: cannons, missiles, rockets, close combat attack helicopters, combat air support, mortars, and UAVs.

Fire Directions Officer

  • Maintain and prioritize missions.
  • Influence the entire battlefield with munitions capable of ranging 300 km and destroying 1kmx1km.

Platoon Leader

  • Lead a gun line with four firing platforms.
  • Lead up to 54 soldiers.
  • Maintain $44 million worth of equipment.