Partners in Fires | July-August 2014 Edition

It is a pleasure to address the Fires Force, in my first edition of the CG’s Forward for our Fires Bulletin. Having taken command of the Fires Center of Excellence in June, I am honored and eager to help shape the world’s most versatile Fires Force.

I thank everyone who participated in May’s 2014 Fires Conference, either in person or online. Though not yet in command, I had the privilege of attending and paid close attention to those subjects concerning our force. One of the key discussions included the value and importance of joint and multinational partnerships. We have themed this edition ‘Partners in Fires’ for the express purpose of emphasizing the overwhelming value in our multiservice and multinational partnerships. Providing security in a complex operational environment requires a group effort, increasingly relying upon partnerships.

Our joint and multinational partners possess unique structures and capabilities. A key requirement within our war-fighting function is ensuring that those elements communicate and collaborate, and through seamless interoperability can conduct missions. Interoperability is defined as the ability of our systems to exchange information and possessing functional commonality of capabilities spanning shooter, sensor, and command and control system.

The articles in this issue highlight the paramount importance of partnerships in missions ranging from helping the Afghan army effectively employ Fires to providing missile defense to our nation’s homeland. Speaking from personal experience, during my time commanding in the Republic of Korea and southwest Asia, combined, joint, and multinational cooperation is essential to the future of our Fires.

Thank you again for investing the time to develop as a professional and read what your peers have to offer. I want everyone to take special notice that this is the last printed version of the Fires Bulletin. Rather than disappearing, the Fires Bulletin will transition to a fully digital application based platform that will offer more accessibility to Fires readers and a greater means of driving the content of the magazine through analytics. Since 1911, this publication has served as a forum for professional discussions and we will continue to provide you with relevant and timely Fires focused discussions that you have come to expect.

Fires Strong!

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