Command Mission

The Fires Center of Excellence trains, educates and develops Soldiers and leaders; creates and develops capabilities; engages, collaborates and partners with stakeholders; sustains and provides a fires force to support the joint warfighting commander across the spectrum of operations in the joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational environments.

Who We Are

The role of Fort Sill has evolved since Maj. Gen. Phillip H. Sheridan drove the first stake here in 1869. Fort Sill soldiers originally protected settlers in Texas from raids by the plains Indian tribes. Soldiers from famous units like the 7th Cavalry, led by Col. George A. Custer, and the 10th Cavalry, known as the Buffalo Soldiers, used Fort Sill as a base in the Indian Wars.

As the tribes accepted peace with the U.S., Fort Sill's mission changed. The Army's School of Musketry, now known as the Infantry School, moved and the cavalry and infantry soldiers were replaced by one of the Army's largest concentrations of field artillery units. The War Department established the School of Fires (field artillery) here in 1911. The field artillery, known as the "king of battle", has long been king of Fort Sill.

Today, the field artillery is joined by the air defense artillery and electronic warfare branches as part of the Fires Center of Excellence. This center makes an incredible contribution to the nation's defense (and our Oklahoma home):

We give officers and Soldiers a lifetime of professional training in the schoolhouse, in simulators and in the field. From private to sergeant first class, our experts give Soldiers world-class education using the latest in equipment and tactics.

Command Leadership

Commanding General's vision

The world’s most versatile Fires Force, with agile and adaptive Soldiers and leaders; fielded with integrated and interoperable systems; capable of delivering accurate and responsive fires in any environment, from “mud to space,” at any time.

A decisive Fires Force that provides dominant, responsive, scalable and accurate lethal and non-lethal fires for the joint commander at the time and place of his choosing.

Systems with integrated capabilities that leverage commonalities and provide unprecedented reach and mobility by incorporating the full range of earth to space assets.

Learning organizations that achieve decision superiority and responsiveness in the information environment through collaboration, outreach, co-ordination, and communication.

The Center is a Joint Fires University that leads in innovation, provides world-class education and training to develop agile leaders who are experts in the art and science of the “Fires” and “Protect” war fighting functions.

Confident, competent, disciplined warriors and leaders committed to the All Volunteer Force and actively engaged in the Army’s Comprehensive Fitness programs.


Commanding General

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Commanding General

Deputy Commanding General
  • Deputy to the Commanding General
  • Joe E. Gallagher

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