- 1. My child went to Fort Sill for basic training and I haven’t heard from him or her. What do I do?

Upon arrival at Fort Sill, new Soldiers are assigned to the 95th Adjutant General Battalion, where they are given some instruction on Army life, issued their uniforms, get their first Army haircut and begin their transformation to professional soldiers. They can be at this battalion from two days to two weeks.
Our drill sergeants know that families worry about their Soldiers, and we give basic trainees opportunities to call home and write letters. If you haven’t heard anything from your Soldier, ask yourself if there might be someone else that your Soldier might have called or written? Contact that person and see if they have heard anything. If it has been three weeks and no one has heard from your Soldier, call the 434th Field Artillery Brigade at 580-442-1146. Have available any information you’ve got about your soldier’s unit (for example, Battery A, 1st Battalion 79th Field Artillery) so we can assist you quickly and efficiently. Before you call, please know that you won’t talk to your Soldier at that time. Your Soldier will be training, but we will give you as much assistance as possible.

- 2. How do I get on the waiting list for a house on Fort Sill?

Family housing on Fort Sill is now managed by Picerne Military Housing, a company that provides this service at several large military installation. Application for Housing must be completed and sent to the local Picerne office via fax at 580-581-2145.

- 3. How do I lodge a complaint about helicopter flights over my livestock or loud noises from post?

Call the Public Affairs Office 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. workdays at 580-442-4500.

- 4. We’re having a city-wide event and would like to get support from Fort Sill. How do I request it?

Fort Sill is not only a part of this area's history, we're a part of its present. We have long-standing ties with local people and organizations that are among the best the Army could enjoy. Part of getting great support from local cities, counties and groups is supporting right back. This support is so important to us that we have a fulltime employee in charge of the program. Please understand that Fort Sill Soldiers are onl the front lines of the Global War on Terrorism, so we have busy schedules. Requests for support must be received by us prior to 90 days of the event.
To make a request, click here to download a Fort Sill Form 104. Complete it and e-mail the form to You can also fax the form to 580-355-6756, attention of the Community Relations Officer.

- 5. How do we get an honor guard from Fort Sill for the funeral of a veteran or retiree?

Fort Sill provides honor guards for burial throughout Oklahoma. Your local funeral home director will have the details and will make arrangements for the family.

- 6. How do retirees/veterans get a grave on Fort Sill?

Please note that the cemetery at Chiefs Knoll on Fort Sill is almost full, so internment is now taking place at the new Fort Sill National Cemetery just north of post. Your local funeral home director will have the details and will make arrangements for the family.

- 7. How do I schedule an Army helicopter or the Golden Knights for a local air show?

Request Army aerial support with a DD Form 2535. Fill out the form and fax it to 580-355-6756 or mail it to Office of the Chief of Public Affairs, ATTN: Army Aerial Support Officer, 1500 Army Pentagon, Washington DC 20310-1500.

- 8. How do I get a military band for a community event?

To request the 77th Army Band out of Fort Sill, complete a DD Form 2536 and fax it to the Fort Sill PAO at 580-355-6756.

- 9. How do I get a copy of an article or photo that was in the post newspaper, the Fort Sill Cannoneer, years ago?

Provide the Cannoneer staff as narrow a timeframe that the article appeared in the newspaper as possible. Request via phone by calling 580-442-5150. Request via e-mail at