The Noncommissioned officers academy was first organized and operated by the 40th Armored Division, Texas National Guard, when it was called to active federal service in 1961. In December 1961, the academy was designated as the Fort Polk noncommissioned officers academy. On July 1975, the academy was redesignated at the United States 5th infantry division noncommissioned officers academy and the first enlisted commandant was assigned. The mission remains to train potential noncommissioned officers in the fundamental and techniques of leadership, to officer increased career educational opportunities to prepare him/her for leadership duty in all environments, and to instill in him/her increased self-confidence and a sense of responsibility which further enhances his/her capabilities as a leader. Since the academy was established, thousands of soldiers and noncommissioned officers have received training here.

Mission Statement

To train Specialists and Noncommissioned Officers to visualize, describe, and execute squad level operations while incorporating current lessons learned and adapting to the contemporary operating environments; develop leaders who are predictive, adaptive, and innovative; capable of leading Soldiers in any combat scenario; prepare noncommissioned officers for leadership duties, standard-based performance-oriented skills; and battle-focused training, which supports squad level operations to include instilling the self-confidence, knowledge, and sense of responsibility necessary to train and lead subordinates in our Warrior Leader Combat Tasks and Drills.

Letter from the Commandant

I congratulate you on reaching a most important milestone in your career. Your selection for attendance is indicative of your demonstrated performance and future potential. The mission of the JRTC and Fort Polk Noncommissioned Officer Academy is to teach and demonstrate the standards of leadership, training, and the overall professionalism that the NCO Corps throughout the Army must maintain. The NCOA Cadre creates and conducts training in a challenging, live-in, intensive environment that reinforces leadership and professionalism as part of the student’s academic training on a daily routine. Everything you observe as a student in this environment will set the example and the foundation of how to conduct activities in your unit and the Army.

The Army is a value-based institution. This Academy is committed to developing the professional Army values and leader attributes, which will instill self-confidence and the sense of responsibility required of a leader. We must always remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice so that you and I may be here to day. In essence your attendance here is through their untiring efforts and dedication of Professional Noncommissioned Officers; both the past and present.

The Basic Leader Course will supply the tools required for a successful transition from follower to leader. However, you must perform the work. As a student you must devote all your time and energy to the course of instruction. The Cadre or I do not condone negative attitudes, poor performance or mediocrity. Remember you are here to learn.

I welcome you and will reiterate that it will be challenging but most importantly a professionally and rewarding experience.

Remember attendance at this Academy is a privilege due to the fact you have been bestowed the most distinguished honor of becoming a leader in the United States Army. Good Luck!! Train to Lead tomorrow’s future!!