Redleg Update
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From the FA Commandant’s Desk
Farewell, but not Goodbye
“As Cynthia and I depart Fort Sill and my time serving as the FA Commandant comes to an end, I want to take the opportunity to thank every Redleg for your dedication to our branch and for the phenomenal leadership of our Fires formations that you execute on behalf of our Soldiers and Civilians, and their Families every day”... More »
From the Desk of the Field Artillery CSM
1SGs in LSCO
“This year’s Fires Conference theme was Fires in Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO). A great opportunity for Field Artillery leaders at multiple echelons from our Army, partnered and allied nations to engage in discussion to shape the future of the FA Force … As I reflected on the discussions however, I realized with all we’re doing there is a segment of our force for which we have not addressed gaps in tactical experience and training; our First Sergeants.” ... More »
AMTC Operational Fires Way-Ahead
“The 2018 Fires Conference hosted by FCoE presented a unique opportunity for the Director of the Army Multi-Domain Targeting Center (AMTC) COL Yi Se Gwon to brief the AMTC Operational Fires Way-Ahead.” ... More »
Integration of Army National Guard Fires across the Fires Enterprise
During the recent Fires Conference, BG Russell Johnson, Deputy Commanding General, Army National Guard (ARNG) for Field Artillery at the Fires Center of Excellence, briefed integration of Army National Guard Fires across the Fires Enterprise. More »
2017 Knox, Hamilton & Gruber Field Artillery Awards
The 2017 Field Artillery Henry A. Knox Award has been awarded to: C Battery 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery Regiment (101st Airborne Division, Fort Campbell). The winner of the 2017 Field Artillery Alexander Hamilton Award has been awarded to: A Battery, 1st Battalion, 129th, Field Artillery Regiment (Missouri Army National Guard). The winner of the 2017 Field Artillery Edmund L. Gruber Award is: SFC Jaime M. Castro, assigned to the 5th Battlefield Coordination Detachment, USARPAC. More »

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