Redleg Update
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From the Commandant’s Desk
Q & A with the 53rd Commandant
We recently got to sit down with BG Stephen G. Smith to ask him a few questions..." More »
Leaders are Readers
Why reading is the most important tool in your arsenal
Reading? Who has time to read? In a day and age where we are inundated with information, you might be thinking I really don’t have time to read. I hear you. It’s tough to pick up a book after a long day... More »
What should I read?
We all know leaders are readers, but if you are at a loss on what you should read next to help further your career, the United States Army Field Artillery School has compiled four reading lists for that purpose. The links for the lists are located under the “Resource” tab... More »
Mitigating Electronic Magnetic Interference Vulnerabilities in MLRS/HIMARS
Our adversaries train tirelessly to defeat United States tactics and aim to degrade our effectiveness. Some of the most lethal tools in the Commanders’ pockets is the Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS) and High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS)... More »

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