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From the Commandant’s Desk
Readiness: We Must Be “Ready Now"
The FORSCOM CG, GEN Robert B. Abrams, echoes the CSA’s imperative – the number one priority for the Army is “Readiness.” It is no longer good enough to focus solely on a unit’s next assigned mission... It is for this reason that “Enabling Readiness in the Operational Force” remains our Line of Effort #1 and our top priority.... More »
From the CSM’s Desk
“Readiness Depends on Growing Future Leaders”
Development of leaders is paramount to readiness. If we are to grow FA experts who are technically, tactically and morally prepared to lead Soldiers in large scale ground combat operations against a near peer threat, across multiple domains in the current operational environment through unified land operations, it must be done with a holistic approach encompassing the institutional, operational and self-development domains... More »
Long Range Precision Fires-Cross Functional Team (LRPF-CFT)
From the Desk of the Field Artillery CSM
The CFT is led by BG Stephen J. Maranian and comprises team members with the appropriate skills and experience who are linked to the Operational Force, Industry, and partners in Academia to bring forward the best solutions for our Soldiers... More »
Second Security Force Assistance Brigade Stands Up
The Department of the Army announced today the activation of the second Security Force Assistance Brigade (SFAB) at Fort Bragg, North Carolina in Jan. 2018. SFABs are specialized units whose core mission is to conduct advise-and-assist operations with allied and partner nations... More »
FISTers in Army’s 1st SFAB encourage 13Fs to volunteer
Fire support specialists, also known as 13Fs, or FISTers as they often refer to themselves, provide a critical capability on the battlefield with their ability to synchronize and integrate fires. Whether fixed wing or surface-to-surface indirect weapon systems, they play an integral role in ensuring fires are on target and on time... More »
Book Review: Killer Angels
The Killer Angels tells the story of the Battle of Gettysburg. On July 1, 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia, or Confederate army, and the Army of the Potomac, or Union army, fought the largest battle of the American Civil War. When the battle ended, 51,000 men were dead, wounded, or missing. All the characters in the novel are based on real historical figures... More »