Frontier Chapel Center (FCC)
4121 Thomas Rd
580-442-2701 / 2635
Fort Sill, Oklahoma 73505

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New Post Chapel (NPC)
1005 Shade Ave
580 442-6785

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Old Post Chapel (OPC)
425 Hamilton Rd
580 442-8288 / 9716

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Cache Creek Chapel
6043 Rothwell Street
Fort Sill, OK 73503
(580) 442-2635

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- Protestant

Sunday Service 0930-1030 & 1100-1300
at New Post Chapel (NPC) Bldg. 1005
POC: CH (MAJ) Dean (580)558-0560

- Jewish

Friday Sabbath Service 1800-2000
at Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) RM 44-45 Bldg. 6043
POC CH (MAJ) Pottinger (580)442-3458 and Daniel Wise (707)685-3419

- Liturgical

Sunday Service 1000-1200 at Old Post Chapel (OPC)
POC: Father Horner (254)368-4647

- Latter-Day Saints

Sunday Service Initial Entry Trainees 1000-1200
at Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) Bldg. 6043
POC: Tom Brox (580)917-6655

- Church Of Christ

Sunday Service Initial Entry Trainees 0800-1000
Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) Bldg. 6043
POC: CH (LTC) Ahn (580) 442-5753 .

- Gospel Service

Sunday Service 1100-1300
at Frontier Chapel Center (FCC) Bldg. 4121
POC: CH (CPT) Wilson (580)442-9716

- Roman Catholic

Sunday Mass Service 1030-1200
at Cache Creek Chapel (CCC) Bldg. 6043

Mass held daily 1145-1215
at Frontier Chapel Center Bldg. 4121 (No Wednesday Mass)
POC: CH (CPT) Iheke (580)442-5967

- Marriage 101 (Frontier Chapel)

Marriage 101 (Frontier Chapel) The Family Life Chaplain conducts monthly classes. Marriage 101 is an interactive program that primarily focuses on couples who are preparing for marriage but will also benefit married couples who desire to work on their communication skills and the health of their marriage.

Marriage 101 Flyer (Cominng Soon)

POC: CH (MAJ) Ditolla 580-442-5003 for the next workshop.

- Duty Chaplain

In case of an emergency after duty hours, contact the Installation Operations Center at 580-442-3240/3241 and ask for the duty chaplain.
Religious Education

- Religious Education

The Installation religious education program starts with a light meal 1715-1745 at Cache Creek Chapel, then breaks into classes for all ages from 1800-1930. For classes and information, go to,or search for "Sill Religious Support.”
POC: Cindy Cline at 580-442-1875.

- Family Life Chaplain

POC: CH (MAJ) David Ditolla 580-442-5003.