ASAP Education and Training

Drug and alcohol prevention and education: The Army Center for Substance Abuse Programs’ prevention and training branch develops, establishes, administers, and evaluates Army-wide alcohol and drug prevention, education and training programs. Fort Sill training programs meet their high standards.

Purpose: We provide commanders, unit prevention leaders, Soldiers, DA civilians, contractors and family members education and training to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drug use, to provide commanders the resources and tools to meet their annual four hours of alcohol and other drug awareness training as required by AR 600-85 and provide prevention tools to deter substance abuse.

- UPL Certification

Required 40-hour training for newly assigned unit prevention leader. Includes training on drugs and alcohol, biochemical testing and substance abuse prevention. For more information, call 580-442-4447 or 4205.

- UPL Re-certification

Four-hour training to bring unit prevention leaders up to date on the latest research, regulations and policies changes. UPLs must attend every eighteen months to keep certification current. UPLs need to prepare and be ready to give a 30 minute presentation on Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention. For more information, call 580-442-4447 or 4205.

- ADAPT Education

A 2-day class primarily for individuals who have had a recent alcohol or drug incident. This class is Army certified and will satisfy alcohol and drug education requirements imposed by civilian judges and probation officer's in most states. For more information, call 580-442-1659/4205

- Substance Awareness Training

The two hour substance awareness presentations are presented to multiple unit audiences at the Resiliency Training Center. Attendance at these presentations will satisfy one of the required four hours for military personnel and two hours for civilian employee's annual substance awareness training. For more information, call 580-442-1659/4205.

- Suicide Prevention Training

Required for Soldiers and DA civilians to attend Ask, Care, Escort training annually. Also provides Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) to all first line supervisors and gatekeepers. For more information, call 580-442-1618/4205

- Brigade or battalion UPL meetings

Monthly meetings with a unit’s UPLs. For more information, call 580-442-4447 or 4205.