The Fort Sill Noncommissioned Officer Academy develops agile, adaptive, and resilient leaders capable of meeting the challenges of unified land operations in an era of persistent conflict by educating junior NCOs in leadership and war fighting, as well as individual and team training.

Basic Leader Course

The Basic Leader Course (BLC) is a non-Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) specific, leader-centric course that serves as the foundation of the NCO Education System (NCOES). The course will leverage technological and conventional face-to-face teaching and delivery methods to train specialists through sergeants to perform both tactical and garrison related squad leader duties. The Basic Leader Course is facilitated small group instructions using the Army Learning Model (ALM). This approach creates an atmosphere where students can exchange ideas on any subject and use collective reasoning to solve problems. The small group process fosters team building and provides training reinforcement based on a wide range of backgrounds and professional experience. Current subjects fall under three module which are Leadership, Training, and War Fighting. Course graduates leave equipped with standards-based, performance-oriented, unified land operations training that supports squad level operations. It provides the Army with a leader who can visualize, describe, and execute squad level operations in varied operational environments. It is a leader course that produces a predictive, adaptive, and innovative combat leader capable of leading Soldiers in any situation.

Course Information

Hyperlinks provided below contain documents needed for Fort Sill Basic Leader Course NCOA:


All students will report to the Basic Leaders Course at Building 3669 located on the corner of Thomas and Currie Roads. Student must be escorted by his or her sponsor. Student will have all in-processing required documents as stated in the hyperlink above. Reporting time is at 0530 and 15 minutes prior is encouraged. Uniform for reporting is full winter IPFU/APFU during the winter months (October through April) and summer IPFU/APFU during the summer months (May through September).

Out of town Soldiers are to report NLT 2359 of the reporting date. It is strongly encouraged for all out of town Soldiers to report at 0830 of the reporting date only because a lot will be discussed and covered on day 0. If any out of town Soldiers fail to report NLT 2359 of the reporting date, BLC will not take any late comers. Out of Town Soldiers are expected to pack sleeping covers, sheets, blanket, and pillow to bring with them since we only provide the barracks room; especially if they are reporting late. SPONSORS OF ALL OUT OF TOWN SOLDIERS, PLEASE IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF WE WERE NOTIFIED IF YOUR SOLDIERS WILL MAKE IT TO THE COURSE OR NOT TO BETTER ASSIST US PREPARE YOUR SOLDIER FOR THE COURSE IF A SPONSOR WILL NOT BE PROVIDED WITH THE SOLDIER. Sponsors please inform your Soldier to call the NCOA Staff Duty once they arrive to BLC Building # 3669 to sign in. The Staff Duty number is provided below.

Privately owned vehicle inspections will be conducted on day 0 by student’s sponsor. All student must have a valid license, current state registration tags and proof of insurance. No student are authorized the use of their privately owned motorcycle for the duration of their assignment to the academy.

Student must update their DD Form 93/SGLI 30 days prior to attending school and bring a copy with them. Privately owned weapons are not authorized. Ensure that your CAC card is registered and does not expire prior to graduation before reporting for BLC.

Contact Us
  • NCOA Headquarters: (580) 442-2417
  • Commandant: (580) 442-3141
  • Deputy Commandant: (580) 442-3141
  • BLC 1School Chief: (580) 442-3562
  • BLC Senior Small Group Leader: (580) 442-7490