Christopher L. Haag was selected as the deputy to the brigade commander, 30th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Brigade in Feb 2018. In his current position, he is responsible to the brigade commander for all matters concerning leader development and professional development and training of all 30th ADA Brigade assigned personnel as well as actions to improve the acquisition of incoming military and civilian personnel.

He sustains and executes the brigade civilian leader development program. He serves as the brigade's subject matter expert and a voting member for various installation-level boards and meetings as required by the brigade commander. He plans and adjusts priorities to ensure outside requirements do not adversely affect scheduled ADA courses of instruction or training. He develops and assigns 30th ADA Brigade special projects to accomplish new or revised objectives, and directs corresponding adjustments in workload, resources and schedules.

He serves as brigade's primary contact for long-term projects including military construction and other projects as directed by the brigade commander. He serves as the lead that analyzes, forecasts, and executes all brigade budgetary guidance and ensures the proper synchronization coincides with authorized manpower allocations. Haag previously served as the deputy director of office, chief of the Air Defense Artillery, Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Okla.