The Equal Opportunity Office is located in Building 4700

Program Manager 2-6968
EO Hotline 580-483-6648


The mission of the Installation Equal Opportunity Office is to provide advice and assistance to commanders, directors, managers, Soldiers, and family members in understanding, executing, or managing a full service Equal Opportunity Program for the United States Army Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill along with tenant organizations. Our objectives include ensuring fair treatment for all persons regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex or sexual orientation based solely on merit, fitness, and capability in support of readiness.

CG Policy Letters

Open Door Policy
EO Policy
Complaint Procedures

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EOLC Enrollment 1st QTR
FY19 EOLC and EOLR Schedule
Student Note Taker Guide
AR 600-20
Equal Opportunity Leaders Refresher Course (EOLRC)

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Fort Sill EO Program Manager MSG Cool 580-442-6968
Installation EOA SFC(P) Bjorklund 580-442-6154
Installation EOA SFC McQuesten 580-442-4108
Installation EOA SFC Vaisagote 580-442-6295
Installation EOA SFC Beck 580-442-5895
428th FA BDE EOA SFC Epps 580-442-2116
434FA FA BDE EOA SFC Johnson 580-442-4747
31st ADA BDE EOA SFC Sanford 580-558-1090
75th Fires BDE EOA SFC Duplantier 580-442-4211
30th ADA BDE EOA SFC Bailey 580-442-1862
EO Hotline 24/7 580-483-6648