The Fort Sill Noncommissioned Officer Academy develops agile, adaptive, and resilient leaders capable of meeting the challenges of unified land operations in an era of persistent conflict by educating junior NCOs in leadership and war fighting, as well as individual and team training.

Senior Leader Course
SLC is the third course in the Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development System. The purpose of SLC is to prepare Sergeants First Class and promotable Staff Sergeants to develop MOS technical skills at both the platoon and battery levels; to prepare SFCs for duty assignments as First Sergeants; develop leadership and decision making skills needed to be a more effective leader and provide a means of making critical and ethical decisions. You will be required to write two essay research papers in APA format.

SLC Welcome Letter


Students MUST update SGLI and DD93 information prior to attending School and bring a copy of both items for in processing.

Barracks on Fort Sill are not available for SLC students. Student lodging reservations are made automatically via your ATTRS reservations. In bound students must call 580-442-5000 at least 1 week prior to arriving to confirm your reservations. When calling to confirm your reservation give your Class #, and the course you are attending i.e., (SLC Class 001-19, 13B40).

Privately Owned Weapons are NOT authorized!

The APFT and a Height and Weight screening will be conducted within the 1st 48 hours.

All temporary profiles will be denied enrollment.

* Students download the packing list and verify you have all required items IAW the packing list prior to arrival. Graduation is a formal ceremony. Bring ASUs and ensure they are complete and serviceable

Students are not authorized the use of their privately owned motorcycle for the duration of the course. Additionally all Students driving their POV’s must have valid insurance, registration and driver’s license.

Mailing Address
While you are attending this course, your address is as follow:
SSG Joe Snuffy
5676 Ferguson Rd.
Aultman (or Allen) Hall, Room #
Fort Sill, OK 73503

Personal Appearance
Each student must strive to acquire and maintain the high personal and professional standards that are indicative of all Noncommissioned Officers. Hair and uniform standards must be IAW AR 670-1. All items of clothing and equipment must be serviceable and clean.

Student Conduct
The conduct of student personnel and their customs and courtesies must equal the prescribed standards set forth by the Seven Army Values, Warrior Ethos, and appropriate regulations. Students must display courtesy, bearing, and project an appearance, which will bring credit to the service, and a sense of accomplishment and personal pride in themselves. High standards of conduct are basic to a good leader. The student’s off-duty conduct reflects on their training and respect for their chosen profession. Students are representatives of the NCO Academy and are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.

Motorcycles are not authorized while attending the NCOA. The NCOA strongly recommends that TDY students are authorized a rental car from their unit.

Honor Graduates
Recognizing students who exceed course standards during their attendance at this Noncommissioned Officer Academy is very important to the Commandant. Small Group Leaders and School First Sergeants must ensure that the Student Honors are based on the whole soldier concept and demonstrating Army Values.

Will receive an "Exceeded Course Standards" on their Academic Evaluation Report, DA Form 1059 and will consist of those students, not to exceed 20% of the class, who meet or exceed all of the following criteria:

Distinguished Honor Graduate
(Limited to one per ATTRS Class). The Distinguished Honor Graduate is the student who through performance and evaluation is rated as the best in the class. The distinguished honor graduate must meet all the criteria for Honor Graduate and have the highest academic average in the class, 95% or higher.

Demonstrate Army Values throughout the course.
Achieve 92% or greater on each exam.
Receive 1st time "Go’s" on all events.
Have no adverse counseling; this includes never being late to formations.
Complete all physical training runs and tactical road marches with the unit.

Students previously released from courses for disciplinary, motivational, or academic reasons are not eligible. Exceptions may be granted by the Commandant to students who have been dropped from the course for administrative reasons, (i.e. medical, emergency leave, etc.), if that drop occurred PRIOR to their first exam.

Master Warfighter
(An individual can earn the Master Warfighter Award with a APFT score of 300 points. Individuals must achieve all 1st time "Go’s" in all areas throughout the course and have an academic average of 80% or higher with no adverse counseling.

Commandant's List
(Limited to 20% of each ATTRS Class minus DHG and HG) Must meet all of the criteria for Honor Graduate, however score 90% or higher on each exam.

Commandant's Leadership Award Winner
(Limited to one per ATTRS Class). The Commandant's Leadership Award Winner is the ONE student chosen by their peers and approved by a board of Cadre as the one who possessed and demonstrated those attributes most expected of a leader. Individual must achieve all 1st time "Go’s" in all areas throughout the course, have no adverse counseling, earn and receive a "Superior" rating in Leadership, Block 12 of the DA Form 1059, and be selected by peers. Nominations will come from the student chain of command to the Small Group Leader. While academics are critically important, the ultimate mission of the Noncommissioned Officer Academy is to produce technically and tactically proficient "LEADERS". Leadership is the most powerful and important combat multiplier, and its effect will be felt from the first battle to the last. The following procedure will be used to determine the Commandant's Leadership Award Winner:

Student chain of command will solicit nominations from students.

Each SGL will submit to the School Chief the name of student(s) whom the student chain of command nominated.

The School Chief will conduct a board using leadership as the major focus. The School Chief will then combine the board results (board evaluation and student input) to determine the Leadership Award Winner(s).

Hyperlinks provided below contain documents needed for Fort Sill Senior Leader Course NCOA:

SLC Welcome Letter
Fort Sill SLC Packing List
Pre-Execution Checklist SOP

The following requirements can be referenced in AR 351-1, DA PAM 351-4, and TRADOC Reg 351-10. Students must meet the following criteria to be acceptable into the course.

All NCOPDS Schools
1. Have six months service remaining after graduation of course
2. Personnel with permanent profiles must present a valid DA Form 3349 for all P3/P4 Profiles (completed with medical doctor signature and Commander’s signature. You must be able to participate in aerobic event, either standard or alternate, during the APFT
3. Personnel with temporary profiles, that would prevent full participation in course, will be denied enrollment (call the Academy).
4. The following CMF’s require a valid/current secret security clearance; 13F40, 13J40, 17E40, and all ADA MOSs. This must be reflected on a DA form 1610 or a clearance verification memorandum signed by the S2 NCOIC/OIC and reflected on your SRB on day zero report day.
5. All students 30 years of age and older must have a current Physical Health Assessment (PHA) and Permanent Profiles updated within the last year.
6. Commanders and schools NCO’s: Do not schedule return flights prior to 1600 on the day of graduation

All NCOPDS Schools
1. Selected by HRC (AC), or recommended by Unit Commander (RC)
2. Be a SSG(P) or SFC and have completed SSD3
3. Must have graduated ALC at least six months prior (except SFC)
4. The following CMF’s require a valid secret security clearance; 13F40, 13J40, ADA MOSs, 17E40. This must be reflected on a DA form 1610 or memorandum signed by the Unit S2 NCOIC/OIC and reflected on your SRB
5. Passed APFT within last six months.

**All NCO's prior to traveling need to verify their individual course prerequisites listed in ATRRS with their schools NCO prior to departing home station.**

All students should report at 0900 on the Report Date in ACUs, however students have until midnight of report date to sign in. If you arrive prior to 1630 hours report to Building 3661(SLC Office) on weekdays. If you arrive after 1630 hours and on weekends report to Building 3662 Staff Duty NCO, and ask for the POC for your MOS. Enrollment will begin at 0530 hours the following day in Building 3661.

SLC Inprocessing
Bring the following for inprocessing, and have these items available when you report:

  • Unit Pre-Execution Checklist (Appendix H, TR 350-18) with supporting documents signed by yourself and your unit commander. If your commander is not a Captain, you must have assumption of command orders!
  • DD93/SGLI paperwork (updated within 30 days)
  • Your TDY orders (minimum 10 copies)
  • A copy of your ERB (PQR for ARNG).
  • Verification of promotable status or Promotion Orders if SFC
  • DA Form 1610, or a clearance verification memorandum signed by your unit S2 NCOIC/OIC.
  • Medical Records (not required but recommended)
  • A copy of your permanent profile with MMRB results if you have one (You must be able to participate in a aerobic event, either standard or alternate, during the APFT).
  • Physical Health Assessment (PHA) must be within the last year.
  • A copy of Over 40 medical screening, CVSP (If applicable) and EKG results.
  • A leave form signed by your commander if you desire to take leave after the course. We will not approve leave for students contingent upon emergencies as determined by the Commandant.
  • If TDY Enroute, you must have a leave form signed by your losing unit for leave from the time graduating SLC until reporting to gaining unit.
  • All documentation for your POV, if driving.
  • Pen, Pencil, and note pad.
  • All items required by Appendix H, TRADOC Reg 350-18.

Do I have my pre-execution checklist (TR 350-18, Appendix H) completely filled out and signed by the commander with supporting documents (a requirement)?
Do I have an updated DD93/SGLI?
Do I have my ERB/PQR (ARNG) (a requirement)?
Do I have my medical records (if from an installation other than Fort Sill)?
Do I have my permanent profile, completed and signed with MMRB results( You must be able to participate in a aerobic event, either standard or alternate, during the APFT)?
Do I have a copy of my Over 40 medical screening with EKG results?
Do I have at least 10 copies of my orders (even if you are stationed at Fort Sill)?
Do I have verification of promotable status (SLC)?
Have I drawn my per-diem/travel pay for the course length or have a government credit card?
Do I need a security clearance (is it on my DA Form 1610, or memorandum)?
Do I have my leave form?
Do I have all my basic issue uniforms, w/patches, clean, and serviceable?
Do I have all documents for my POV?
Does my insurance cover my POV in Oklahoma?
Is my POV in good safe mechanical condition?
Are my personal finances in order?
Have I taken care of all personal problems?
Have I made arrangements for my family?
Do I need a power of attorney?
Do I need a change of rater NCOER?
Do I need to sub-hand/hand receipt any equipment?
Do I have the address, phone/fax number and email address to the 1st General Officer in my Chain of Command?
Do I have the address, phone numbers and email addresses to the Division, Brigade, Battalion Command Sergeants Major and the 1SG in my NCO Support Channel?

NCOA Headquarters: (580) 442-2417
Commandant: (580) 442-3141
Deputy Commandant: (580) 442-3141
1SG SLC: 580-442-2619
Administrative Assistant: 580-442-2417
Fort Sill NCOA Staff Duty: 580-695-2816