Mission Statement

The Fires Center of Excellence & Fort Sill Foreign Liaison Officer Community (FLO Community) consists of liaison officers assigned to the Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE) in close coordination with their National Armies. The Foreign Liaison Officers program is designated to facilitate cooperation and mutual understanding between the U.S. Army and the Armies of Allies and Partners. All FLOs are foreign military members expected to present their government’s view on issues of mutual interest and are certified by the U.S. Government in connection with programs, projects, or agreements of interest to participating governments.


The goal of the liaison officer agreements between the U.S. Army and the respective represented Allies and Partners is to promote and improve cooperation and interoperability, strengthen relationships, increase access while also capitalizing on these relationships and exchanges to improve own operations and capabilities, in order to achieve synergistic and complementary effects in future combined operations.


Recent U.S. National, DoD, and Army level strategic documents emphasize strengthening relationships with Allies and partners. The Army Campaign Plan (ACP) 2023-2030 established a cross-cutting effort to "Strengthen Access, Presence, and Influence with Allies and partners", in order to implement these strategies. The ACP defines this cross-cutting effort as follows. To enable the Army 2030 and beyond, the U.S. must prioritize and align institutional efforts to strengthen Alliances and attract new partners to increase Access, Presence and Influence (API) to best support national security interests and Army Senior Leader (ASL) guidance. Security cooperation allows the Army to build long-term relationships with partners, built on mutual respect and shared interests and values, enabling Army readiness and modernization through enhanced capability, calibrated posture and interoperability in support of convergence.

Foreign Liaison Officers Information