Mission Statement

To train and professionally develop US Army, Marine, and International officers who are experts in the integration and application of Fires knowledge; well grounded in Joint and Combined Arms operations, doctrine and tactics; and possess the necessary problem solving skills and adaptability to lead unified land operations.

FACCC provides a challenging course of instruction to prepare students for the next phase of their army career. The FACCC competencies for CPT's: demonstrate the ability to think critically within Unified Land Operations, possess the ability to provide adaptive and flexible leadership, conduct problem solving, conduct Field Artillery operations planning, synchronize Fire Support assets with maneuver, and demonstrate mastery of battery level operations. Career Course students' are taught with an emphasis on "how to think" and not "what to think." FACCC students are expected to be mature, responsible, and dedicated officers. Small-group learning is the method for training established for FACCC. Group size is expected to be approximately 12 to 17 students.

Early Reporting:
All CCC CPTs reporting between the hours of 0900-1630 on duty days to Fort Sill will immediately go to BLDG 756 to in-process. Students arriving after hours and on non-duty days will report to 428th BDE Staff Duty BLDG 3410 to sign in.

Students arriving on their report date will report to 1-30th FA Battalion, Seaman Hall, BLDG 756 between 0900 and 1700 in duty uniform (ACU) for inprocessing. Reporting in civilian clothing is not authorized.

Students must bring a copy of their orders, a valid DA 31 (leave form) and ORB.

If approved for Permissive TDY, you must report to the Family Housing Office at building 4700 (Welcome Center/One Stop) at the start of your Permissive TDY. You must ensure Family Housing stamps your DA 31.

Special Instructions For National Guard and Marine Corps Students: All National Guard personnel reporting for the course will bring a copy of their orders assigning them to Active Duty for Training (ADT). Marine Corps personnel will report to the MARDET and then to Bldg 756 (Seaman Hall).

Please contact A Battery Training Room at 580-442-6707 or A Battery XO at 580-442-6380 with any questions regarding the Field Artillery Captains Career Course.

Core Competencies
A Captain commands and controls battery/company-sized units (62 to 190 Soldiers) with assistance of a principal NCO. He or she instructs skills at service schools or functions as a staff officer at the battalion level.
Click here for a list of publications issued to FACCC students.

This is the Course Framework and the Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP) detailing Learning Objectives for the Common Core Block. During the first week of instruction students will choose a period of history, campaign, war, battle, or leader on which they will focus on during the duration of the course. Supporting assignments will be used to support the research paper due during the FA technical and tactical block

The Field Artillery Captains' Career Course-Reserve Component (FACCC-RC) consists of four phases, as outlined below. Field Artillery officers in the United States Army National Guard or United States Army Reserve, who are unable to attend the resident course, will complete the FACCC-RC. The FACCC-RC is built on a thirteen month model. Once you begin the course, you should plan to complete it within a 24 month window.

Phase 1
First of two distant learning courses (online, self-paced, with instructor access) Army Common Core portion of the course. You will enroll in this phase through your unit or ATRRS manager. Students will have 5 months to complete the online modules associated with Phase 1.

Phase 2
First two-week resident session of the course, conducted at Fort Sill. You will request a reservation for Phase 2 through your unit or ATRRS manager. This phase focuses on Leader Development through reinforcing the lessons learned in phase 1 and emphasizes the MDMP process.

*Required material and packing list will be sent out with welcome letter.

Phase 3
Second of two distant learning courses and is Field Artillery specific. You will enroll in Phase 3 through your unit or ATRRS manager. Just like phase 1, students will have 5 months to complete the online modules associated with Phase 3.

Phase 4
Second two-week resident session of the course, conducted at Fort Sill, and culminates in graduation from the FACCC-RC. Prerequisite for attending is the student must be complete with all 3 phases (confirmed by instructor). You will request a reservation for Phase 4 through your unit or ATRRS manager.

*Required material and packing list will be sent out with welcome letter.

For more information, please contact us at:
(580) 442-1867 office
(580) 917-9784 cell

Students will report in the ACU but will bring and maintain proper ASU/AGSU for the duration of the course. The ASU/AGSU will be worn for all pay day activities as well as formal functions while at the course (Commandant's Reception, etc). For proper wear and regulations see http://www.army.mil/asu/ and AR 670-1.

1-30th FA BN has earned the following unit citations. Students will wear appropriate citations on the ASU/AGSU.

Army Valorous Unit Citation
Army Meritorious Unit Citation with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Army Superior Unit Award

CCC Students will be authorized on post housing if it is available and they have their family with them.

Fort Sill Lodging
Aultman Hall, Buiding Number 5676
Fort Sill, OK 73503
(580) 442-5000 / 3214

Welcome Center
BLDG 4700 Hartell Hall
Fort Sill, OK 73503
For ORB Updates, see student records at BLDG 4700. Turn in current ORB with corrections and appropriate award paperwork

Medical Care for Students
TMC #1, BLDG 2913. Sign-in is conducted on a walk-in basis from 0700-0800 and 1230-1330, Monday through Friday. Saturday and Federal/Training Holiday sick call for this student population is conducted at the Bleak Troop Medical Clinic (TMC). Sign-in for Saturday and Federal/Training Holidays will be conducted from 0700-0800.

Cowan Dental Clinic (Temporary Location)
Bldg. 6037A, Bessinger Rd.(Located Behind Allen Dental Clinic)
Dental Clinic Information 580 442-5544 (0730-1630) M-F
Sick Call (0730-0900) on Training Holidays
***Hand Carry Records Each Visit***

DA Photo
Go to the following link and create a work order: http://vios.army.mil/

CCC students will follow all Fort Sill motorcycle safety rules and regulations as listed in Fort Sill Circular 385-15-01

Fort Sill Safety

FS Circular 385-15-01