The Fort Sill Noncommissioned Officer Academy develops agile, adaptive, and resilient leaders capable of meeting the challenges of unified land operations in an era of persistent conflict by educating junior NCOs in leadership and war fighting, as well as individual and team training.

Basic Leader Course

BLC prepares the Specialist/Corporal for duties and responsibilities as a Sergeant. Using the Leadership Requirements Model (LRM) through a holistic approach, learners will develop skills in written and oral communications, critical and creative thinking, problem solving, leadership and counseling, drill and ceremonies, how to train Soldiers, character development, nutrition and physical fitness, troop leading procedures and mission orders, Army programs, and how to build effective teams. As a result, learners will be able to train, lead, and conduct operations at the team level.

BLC Welcome Letter


All students will report to the Basic Leaders Course at Building 3669 located on the corner of Thomas and Currie Road. Students must be escorted by his or her sponsor. If out-of-town, Soldiers reporting do not need a sponsor. Students will have all in-processing required documents as stated in the Welcome Letter. Reporting time is at 0600 on Day 0. BE ON TIME. Uniform for reporting is OCP ARMY COMBAT UNIFORM (specifics in confirmed e-mail) and a COVID approved face mask.

Out of town Soldiers are to report NLT 2359 of the reporting date. It is strongly encouraged for all out of town Soldiers to report as early as possible on the reporting date due to information that isdiscussed on Day 0. If any out of town Soldiers fail to report before 2359 of the reporting date, BLC will not take any late reporters and the Soldier will be denied enrollment and the slot will be given to a walk-on. SPONSORS OF ALL OUT OF TOWN SOLDIERS, IT WOULD BE VERY HELPFUL IF WE WERE NOTIFIED IF YOUR SOLDIERS WILL MAKE IT TO THE COURSE OR NOT. This will help us ensure proper slotting for the course. The Staff Duty number is 580-695-2816.

Privately owned vehicle inspections will be conducted before the report date no more than 30 days old by student’s sponsor if not already completed (please see the NCO Support Channel/POV inspection Sheet in the link above). All student must have a valid license, current state registration tags and proof of insurance if driving a POV. No students are authorized the use of their privately owned motorcycle for the duration of their assignment to the academy.

Student must update their DD Form 93/SGLI 30 days prior to attending school and bring a copy with them. Privately owned weapons are not authorized. Ensure that your CAC card is registered (with PIV certificate) and does not expire prior to graduation before reporting for BLC. Please read the Welcome Letter to its entirety prior to graduation before reporting for BLC. Please ensure you take the time to read the FCoE and NCOA Policy letters before arriving which can be found on the NCOA website.

1. Must be a graduate of Structured Self Development I (SSD I) or Distributed Leader Course I (DLC I) and have completion certificate available.

2. Soldiers must:
a. Meet height and weight standards of AR 600-9.
b. Be eligible for reenlistment and have a recommendation from their immediate commander.
c. Have no Suspension of Favorable Personnel Action (Flags) pending.
d. Arrive fully capable of performing supporting individual tasks and tasks required in the next lower level course, e.g., basic training, SMCT Skill Level 1, SSD I/DLC I.
e. Soldiers, eligibility to attend BLC requires that the SPC is recommended for promotion to the rank of SGT
f. Temporary Profiles are NOT permitted, unless a DA Form 3349 is Operational Deployment Profile (Refer to Welcome Letter)

3. Individual medical readiness (IMR) items (including periodic health assessment and current dental exam), physical profile documentation and post-deployment health reassessment (PDHRA) will be completed in accordance with AR 600-8-101, paragraph 3- 2d(7) and DA Form 5123, item 4b; and TRADOC Regulation 350-18, paragraphs 3-21c, 3-21d, and 3-22. Soldiers with temporary profiles, which are not a result of operational deployments and prevent full participation in a course, will be removed or deferred from school attendance consideration by their immediate commanders; until the temporary profiles are removed (see AR 350-1, paragraph 3- 14b).

4. The NCOA will deny enrollment to Soldiers failing to meet any of the above prerequisites.

5. Pre-execution Checklist (PEC) and Post Reservation Checklist (PRCL).

a. Active Component (AC) Soldiers must bring an automated The Army School System (TASS) Unit Pre-execution Checklist (PEC) TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E with them. This form is available for download from the TRADOC website: http://adminpubs.tradoc.army.mil/forms.html.

b. Reserve Component (RC) Soldiers must bring the Post Reservation Checklist (PRCL) which took effect in April 2011 for US Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers. The PRCL must be completed by the Soldier's unit two days prior to the report date. If the PRCL is not completed, the Soldier's reservation will be cancelled. Due to the use of the PRCL, any Reserve Component (RC) Soldier attending BLC at an RC NCOA will not need a TRADOC Form 350-18-2-R-E, PEC, as the information has already been verified through the PRCL.

c. AC Soldiers attending an RC NCOA will still be required to carry with them a copy of their signed PEC. In addition, all Soldiers, both AC and RC, will be required to carry with them a signed copy of their PEC when attending any AC NCOA.

Attendance is on a priority basis. Unit commanders place Soldiers who qualify for BLC on an Order of Merit list (OML) IAW the following priorities:

a. First Priority. Soldiers promoted to SGT without the requisite

education (BLC).

b. Second Priority. SPC/CPL Promotable. These Soldiers are prioritized as follows:

(1) SPC/CPL promotable in MOS(s) which would have had additional promotions if more promotable SPC/CPL had been available and identified as shortage MOS by monthly Promotion Cut-Off memorandum. This pertains to Regular Army/Compo One Soldiers.

(2) SPC/CPL promotable who have met the cut-off score.

(3) SPC/CPL promotable in other MOS serving in an authorized NCO position based on highest number of promotion points.

(4) All other SPC/CPL promotable on a recommended list based on the highest number of promotion points.

c. Third Priority. SPC/CPL in Leadership Positions. In order to fill all BLC training seats, non-promotable SPC/CPL with demonstrated leadership potential may attend BLC only when all higher OML categories are exhausted. Privates First Class and below are not authorized to attend the BLC.

NCOA Headquarters: DSN: (580) 442-2417
Commandant: DSN: (580) 442-3141
Deputy Commandant: DSN: (580) 442-3141
BLC School Chief: DSN: (580) 442-3562
E-Mail: ashley.r.thomas40.mil@army.mil
BLC Senior Small Group Leader: DSN: (580) 442-7490
E-Mail: carmelo.e.pena.mil@army.mil
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FtSillNCOA/