Mission Statement

To plan, direct, and conduct first class law enforcement, installation access control, physical security, and fire and emergency services in order to provide a safe and secure environment for service members, families, civilians and visitors who comprise the Fort Sill community, while enabling a mission-ready Fires force.

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Automated Installation Entry (AIE) Visitor Website

Police Intelligence Inspector 558-6004
Military Police Investigations 558-5711
Army Iwatch Crime Tip Line 558-0000

The DES Police Intelligence and Investigations Division develops, coordinates and implements the DES Police Intelligence (PIO) program as well as supervises all Military Police Investigations and activities.

Military Police Investigators and Department of Army Civilian detectives fulfill a special need for an investigative element within the military police to investigate many incidents, complaints, and matters not within USACIDC jurisdiction, but which cannot be resolved immediately through routine military police operations. Matters requiring investigative development will be referred to the MPI for investigation.

The DES Police Intelligence office is tasked with providing a constant and consistent situational awareness of all Police and Criminal activity within the Fort Sill community.

The DES Police Intelligence function represents the military police capability to collect, analyze, and process relevant information from many sources generally associated with policing activities and Military Police Operations. PIO is a continuous process used by Military Police to collect, analyze, and disseminate police information and police intelligence.

Emergency - Dial 911
Police Non-Emergency - 442-2101/2102
Operations Officer (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-6802
Civilian Law Enforcement Officer (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-6802
NCOIC (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-6012
MP Desk (1649 Randolph Road) - 442-3374
Report Violations - 442-2102
Crime Stoppers - 355-INFO
K-9 Section (7290 Randolph Road) - 442-6349
Military Police Investigation (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-5711
Traffic Section (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-6006
Civilian Police Liaison (2025 Adams Rd) -558-6013
Bike Squad (2025 Adams Rd) - 558-6434

Support Requests
Requests for Military Police support of unit fuctions or training must e submitted on FS Form 104 through the Directorate of Plans Training and Mobilization (DPTM) 442-3605

Kennel Master (7290 Randolph Rd)
For command health and welfare support, or K-9 Demonstrations contact Kennel Master at (580) 442-4713

Emergency - Dial 911
Operations Branch (2025 Adams Road)– (580) 442- 5172/3016
Fire Prevention Branch (2025 Adams Road) – (580) 442-5911
Fire Station 1 (6041 Rothwell) 442-4905
Fire Station 2 (4914 Post Rd) 442-5314
Fire Station 3 (3500 Thomas) 442-4644
Fire Station 4 (1617 Randolph Rd) 442-4005

Fire Prevention General Checklist

Spring Fire Safety
Spring Cleaning & Fire Safety

Fire Prevention
Dryer Fires
Gas Pump Fire and Static Electricity
Improper Use of Fire Extinguishers
Tampering with Fire Alarms

Fire Prevention Week


AR 420-90
Fort Sill Reg 420-90

2025 Adams Road
Chief - 558-6527
Inspectors / IDS Management - 558-6517
Crime Prevention - 558-6028
Construction Review - 558-6533
Monday- Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

Mission Statement
To assist the installation commander and Director of Emergency Services in all aspects of physical security and crime prevention ensuring a safe environment for all who work or live on Fort Sill.

Mission Tasks
Prepare the installation Physical Security Plan
Conduct Installation Physical Security Survey ( every 3 years)
Conduct Unit Physical Security Inspections
Conduct every 18 months for units with weapons and ammunition storage
Conduct every 24 months for all other organizations
Conduct courtesy unit Physical Security Inspections
Provide installation Physical Security Threat Assessment
Provide Physical Security/Crime prevention education, training, and programs to prevent, monitor and reduce crime
Provide Security review for new construction, renovations, structural modifications, and lease acquisition.
Provide Intrusion Detection System (IDS) management

2025 Adams Road
Commander - 558-6022
First Sergeant - 558-6024
Training - 558-5472 / 5498
Kennel Master (7290 Randolph Rd) - (580) 442-4713

(If you have a law enforcement question, please call the Military Police Desk at 442-3374. If it is an emergency, please dial 911)

Mission Statement
The Military Police Detachment conducts Law Enforcement in Support of Fort Sill, Oklahoma and the Department of the Army and, on order, deploys Teams and Individuals in support of worldwide Military Police contingency operations.