In the past, adults could gain entry to Fort Sill by showing any government-issued I.D. card (driver’s license, tribal membership, V.A. identification, etc.). After the attacks of 9/11, the Department of Defense (DoD) passed more restrictive rules for military bases worldwide, but the Army has been operating with an exemption to that rule until recently.

The DoD guidelines require that everyone entering a military installation have a nationwide background check. With the lifting of the exemption, Fort Sill is implementing an installation access policy in accordance with Fort Sill Memo 190-13 that meets that background check requirement and will begin issuing photographic pass cards for all visitors and open a Visitors Control Center (VCC) (located just south of Bentley Gate on Sheridan Road) to manage the program. Under DoD guidelines, adults and certain children (children who are 16 years old or older and are driving a vehicle) without a current active duty military I.D. card, family I.D. or retiree I.D. must go through the VCC for a pass card that will allow them unescorted access to Fort Sill. Click here for a complete list of approved identification cards.

When the VCC is closed, passes to gain entry to Fort Sill can be obtained at Key West and Bentley Gate (Sheridan).

Bring your completed request for unescorted access form to the VCC just outside Bentley Gate, 6701 Sheridan Road, Fort Sill, Okla.

For the protection of the personally identifying information contained on the completed forms, requestors should take prudent steps to ensure the forms (and information) do not fall into the wrong hands. Do not transmit the completed forms via unencrypted emails. Do not give the completed forms to a third party to transmit to the VCC. Do not send the completed forms to any other party at Fort Sill. For details on the PII required and handling of the completed forms by the VCC staff, please see the “SECURING YOUR DATA” link below. For your protection, you can download and print the Department of Defense Privacy Act Data Cover Sheet, DD Form 2923.

By submitting your form, you agree to a background check, which uses the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index, a Federal Bureau of Investigation database that provides criminal histories from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The process of issuing pass cards at the VCC should take approximately 5-7 minutes per person. Failure to request access before arrival at the VCC may add significant time to the process, as the staff would have to enter data for the background check and wait for the results.

You can submit your request for access up to 30 days prior to your visit.

Individuals who wish to renew their pass card or replace a lost card must complete a access request form and the VCC staff conduct a new background check before a new pass card can be issued.

Individuals who wish to renew their pass card must complete a access request form and the VCC staff conduct a new background check before a new pass card can be issued. In order to conduct a background check, visitors and contractors should prepare a new request for access and submit the complete form to the VCC. The individual may submit their access request form to the VCC 30 days prior to their current card’s expiration date.