Welcome Families and Friends of our AIT Students

Welcome to 1-78 Field Artillery. If your Soldier started Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Sill then this is the correct page. Welcome to the Teamwork Family! This is the ONLY OFFICIAL webpage for the 1-78 BN, 428th Field Artillery Brigade at Fort Sill, OK.

What to Expect

This page is maintained by our Officers along with oversight from the Battalion Commander and Brigade Public Affairs office. So, for up-to-date accurate information this is the page to follow!

Professional and knowledgeable Cadre

Our instructors are the finest instructors and Drill Sergeants serving in the military. They will manage and teach your Soldiers seven days a week.

More freedom than basic training

Soldiers will have the opportunity to use cell phones regularly with no restrictions on calling family / friends. Soldiers are encouraged but not required to call home. Soldiers also have the ability to go do things like bowling, visit the post exchange, and visit the post museum during their weekends or permitted time. Soldiers may not leave post with the exception of family day however.


(packages and letters) are given to Soldiers each day. Please be patient. Remember that we are training up to 1,500 students at a time inside this Battalion


Commanders post updates weekly about the training that has occurred and is next up for your Soldiers. Expect photos accompanying each post. Pictures are posted weekly. Units make an effort to photograph various Soldiers, but there is no guarantee that your Soldier will be featured in them. Please feel free to download, save, or share photos from units Facebook pages and the Fort Sill website. No negative or derogatory comments will be tolerated on unit pages.

What to do in the event of a Family Emergency?

If you cannot get ahold of your Soldier in the event of an emergency you can either try contacting their respective Battery CQ, or file a Red Cross message at 1 (877) 272-7337. A family emergency is considered the death or serious illness of an immediate family member; or the good news of the birth of a Soldiers child or grandchild.