SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
U.S. Soldiers participate in SHORAD night fire... See Release »
SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
Devil Brigade Soldiers showcase air defense capabilities... See Release »
SEARCHLIGHT: Illuminating ADA Excellence
Air Defense Soldier reunites with his sister... See Release »

12 July 2002, Colonel Heidi V. Brown became the Army’s first woman commander of an Air Defense Artillery brigade when she accepted command of the 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade at Fort Bliss, Texas.

14 July 2006, The 6th Battalion, 52nd ADA , the Ironhorse Battalion, part of the 31st ADA Brigade at Fort Bliss, Texas, uncased its flag at Fort Sill to become the first ADA unit on Fort Sill.

30 July 1946, The first American rocket to reach 100 miles in altitude was fired at White Sands, New Mexico.

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