Welcome Students

I would like to congratulate you on your selection to serve our nation as an Air Defense Artillery Officer. The training you will complete over the 18 Weeks and 3 Days of the Basic Officer Leader Course (BOLC) will be both mentally challenging and physically demanding. Upon graduation, you will be a warrior leader who embodies the Warrior Ethos and is prepared to lead Soldiers through inspiration and motivation. I charge you to take full advantage of your time at Fort Sill by preparing yourself physically and mentally for the challenge that lies ahead.

This is an exciting time in your career and your functions as an Air Defense Artillery Officer continues to evolve. With the emerging threat of aerial attack platforms and worldwide missile production, our branch is increasingly relevant as a strategic asset in the global war on terrorism. Future Air and Missile Defense (AMD) Platoon Leaders will be responsible for highly valuable military equipment, and more importantly the lives of America's sons and daughters. I encourage you to reflect on this tremendous responsibility prior to arriving for your first day of officer instruction as an Air Defender.

Be advised that the ADA BOLC-B website is constantly under review so check back regularly for updates. Use the attached documents to familiarize yourself with the course structure and policies. Also attached are the early reporting instructions for students arriving prior to the report date for the course. Review the attached biography example, as you must complete a one page biography in memorandum format to introduce yourself to your cadre within the first three days of the course. The reference you will use is AR 25-50 which can be downloaded from the Army Publishing Directorate website at the link below.


Additionally, you will need to provide ten copies of your orders, DA 31, and one copy of your DA 71 and officer record brief (ORB) downloaded from the Assignment Interactive Module 2 (AIM 2.0) website. The AIM 2.0 link is found on the Army HRC homepage. These documents will be due to your cadre within the first three days of in-processing. You will need to know your AKO user name. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at the phone number: 580-558-5139.


Gabriel T. Bull
Chief, Junior Leader Training

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Course Prerequisites
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