Mission Statement

To provide facilities, maintenance, Unaccompanied Enlisted Personnel Housing (UEPH), and engineering services to the Garrison, assigned units, agencies and offices on Fort Sill to support readiness, well being and sustainability.

24/7 Emergency Contact Number

(580) 442-3251

Maintenance and Repair Information

The information below pertains to Directorate of Public Works (DPW) maintained facilities. Units and organizations are encouraged to do as much as possible to maintain their facilities through the Self Help program; however, work beyond the Self Help list can be requested through the avenues listed below.

What is the difference between a Service Order request and a Work Order request?

Service Orders are the method used to submit minor maintenance & repair requests.

Work Orders are the method used to submit major maintenance & repair requests or new project requests.

How to submit a Service Order request.

1. Army Maintenance Application (ArMA). ArMA is the primary tool for submitting service order requests and can be accessed at armymaintenance.com. ArMA is only monitored Monday-Friday, 0700-1600. ArMA is NOT monitored after these hours or on weekends/holidays. For this reason, all emergency (issues that pose immediate danger to life, health, safety, security, or property) service order requests should be called in directly to the service order desk.

2. Service Order Desk (580) 442-3251. DPW’s service order desk is staffed Monday-Friday, 0700-2100 to receive emergency service order requests by phone. After these hours and on weekends/holidays, phone calls will automatically roll to the on-duty technician cell phone. If no one answers or the line is busy, leave a voicemail.

How to submit a Work Order request.

1. Work Reception Desk (580) 442-4664 or 4337. DPW’s work reception desk is staffed Monday-Friday, 0730-1600 to receive work order requests through email at USARMY Ft Sill ID-Training Mailbox DPW Work Order Request or in person in building 1950.
The desk is closed after these hours, on weekends/holidays, and every Thursday (0730-1130) for quad processing.

2. Work Order Requests. Work order requests require a DA Form 4283 and a Quad Chart (Quad Chart is not needed for signs, I-Bolts and key requests). The Quad Chart is an attachment to the DA Form 4283. It allows for more information from the customer so that DPW can better determine how to solve the customer’s request to include justification of the project. Work order requests are due to the work reception desk by 1100 on Tuesday in order for the request to be presented at the quad meeting the following day.

3. Quad Meeting. The quad meeting is held via MS Teams and teleconference on Thursday at 2:00pm. If your work order request is being presented, you will receive notification prior to the meeting as well as the MS Teams meeting invite/link and the teleconference number.

4. Self Help Supplies. When you have received your quota of Self Help supplies and need more, a DA Form 4283 can be filled out requesting the additional supplies and submitted for approval to the work reception desk by email or in person. For more information on the Self Help program, call 580-442-6123 or 580-442-8656.