CPT Christopher Guthrie Commander
1SG Mason First Sergeant

Leave and Pass Policy

B Battery FAQs

-What is the forwarding address that I should use to receive mail while at BOLC?

Your mailing address will be the following:

  • 2LT John M. Doe
  • B Btry 1-30th FA (BOLC B), Class ##-##
  • 745 Geronimo Rd.
  • Fort Sill, OK 73503
  • ## - your course number

-What patch do I wear?

The Unit patch that you will wear during your BOLC B cycle is the: 428th Field Artillery Brigade patch

-If I have orders to attend BOLC B class and something came up, can you change it to another class?

While we appreciate any forewarning you can give us regarding your situation, we cannot amend or delete your orders. If a situation comes up that will preclude you from reporting on time, you need to address that issue with your branch manager and your commissioning source to amend or delete your BOLC B orders.

-Where do I report?

All BOLC LTs reporting between the hours of 0900-1630 on duty days to Fort Sill will immediately go to Summerall Hall BLDG 840 to in-process. Students arriving after hours and on non-duty days will report to 428th BDE Staff Duty BLDG 3410 to sign-in.

- Where will I live?

a. If you PCS to Fort Sill, you will live off-post in a civilian residence. We recommend you not sign a lease until after you have reported to the battery. If you are married and PCS to Fort Sill, you may live in married housing on post, if it is available. Note: Effective 1 October 2015, BOLC-B will become a TDY course. Student Housing PDF

b. If you are not on PCS orders to Fort Sill, you will live in lodging provided by Fort Sill Lodging. You may contact Fort Sill Lodging at 1-877-711-8326 or 580-442-5000.

-Personal Weapons?

All persons who bring a privately owned weapon (POW) on Fort Sill will register that weapon with the Directorate of Emergency Services (DES), prior to entry with the weapon onto post. Persons required to register POWs will provide the weapon’s manufacture name, model, serial number, caliber, color, style (semiautomatic, revolver, etc.), a copy of the unit commanders approval letter (if living on post) and proof of safety training to Fort Sill DES Police Administration Branch (PAB), Bldg 4700, 0830-1600 Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. Persons will not take firearms into the registration location.

- Can I take a pass during BOLC B?

Yes you are eligible for passes during BOLC B provided you are in good academic standing. Passes are granted at the discretion of the battery commander. See student leave and pass policy here. (LINK TO UPDATED LEAVE POLICY)

- What if I want to attend Ranger School Following BOLC B?

There is a Pre-Ranger Training program open to all volunteers. There will be a briefing containing detailed information about the program at the beginning of the course. Volunteers will participate in a specialized PT Program, weapons training, land navigation and various other events in order to prepare for Ranger School.