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Joint Fires Observer Course (Resident) -

To train service members who can request, adjust and control surface-to-surface fires, provide targeting information in support of Type 2 and 3 CAS terminal attack controls, and perform autonomus Terminal Guidance operations (TGO). Refer to the ATRRS Course Catalog for information about non-resident and off-site courses. School code: 061

2E-SIL7/250-ASIL7(MC) | JFO MEMO of Agreement | Email POC

US Army Special Technical Operations Planner Course (AJISTO)-

Conduct TRADOC approved training operations of the Army Integrated Joint Special Technical Operations (AIJSTO) Planners course in order to integrate Special Technical Operations into the Army's operational forces


Army Operational Electronic Warfare Course -

To train the Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) to plan, intergrate, synchronize, and to execute electronic warfare into the commanders schemes of manuever. The EWO advises the commander on all Army, Joint, Intergovernmental, and Multinational EW capabilities; requests and intergrates them into the units's operations.Refer to the ATRRS Course Catalog for information about non-resident and off-site courses. School code: 061


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Army Joint Support Team-Nellis (AJST-N) Command Brief - Powerpoint | Flash

Joint Fires and Effects Trainer Systems (JFETS) - Powerpoint | Flash

Joint Fires Observer Course - Powerpoint | Flash

Joint Fires Observer Course Tri-Fold Handout - Download | Flash

Joint Fires Observer (JFO) Information Paper - PDF

Joint Update - Powerpoint | Flash

Joint Targeting Toolbox (JTT) - Powerpoint | Flash

Army Operational Electronic Warfare - Powerpoint | Flash