Advanced Developer Course (ADC)
Course Overview

Advanced Developer Course is a Common Faculty Development Phase Four course and is conducted in two phases of 29 hours. This course examines adult learning theory, educational processes and current curriculum development best practices. Phase I is a 5-hour asynchronous lesson conducted using Blackboard and instructs students to read peer reviewed articles concerning Adult Learning Theories, ibstbi competencies, Army General Learning Outcomes (GLOs) and Army Learning Concept (ALC) 2020-2040 in preparation for further discussion in class. Training Developers are required to conduct a developer self-assessment using the ibstpi competencies as the foundation. Additionally, students are required to conduct an analysis on a lesson plan for which the developer/instructor is the author using the ELM lesson evaluation job aid. Phase II participants are experienced developers/instructors and are expected to share their experiences and perspectives with other experienced faculty. This course fulfills TRADOC 350-70 requirements for FCoE Faculty Development 5-year re-certification requirement for TRADOC Developers. The course supports the FCoE mission of educating and developing leaders to adapt and be prepared for the changing environment of a curriculum developer. Additionally, the course provides certified developers/instructors with a review in FCoE policies and procedures, ALC 2020-2040, critical thinking, ibstpi Instructional Design Competencies, lesson plan review and evaluation, KOLB’s Learning Style Inventory (LSI), e-learning/m-learning, ADDIE, best practices, and lesson plan presentations.

Enrollment Pre-requisites

School registrars will provide the DOTD, FSDD registrar with the following paperwork:

  1. Computer Access memorandum signed by IT Supervisor/Coordinator (individuals must have FCoE computer access during seminar)
  2. Certificate of completion of SATBC/CFD-DC or ArmyU equivalent Developer Course
  3. Certificate of completion Blackboard 101
  4. Verification of current developer/instructor certification
  5. Registrar Enrollment Form

Course Pre-Requisites:
The Registrar will notify participants of course date enrollment upon completion/submission of enrollment pre-requisites. Ten (10) working days prior to class start date, the participant will receive a copy of course Advance Sheet, Letter of Instruction (LOI), and Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP). This information must be read prior to the course and any pre-assignments completed/submitted, if applicable. Information is available on the Faculty Development SharePoint: (**CAC Required**)


Course dates and registration requirements can be obtained by contacting the DoTD Registrar at 580-442-1546 or on the FSDD SharePoint site (**CAC Required**)