Common Faculty Development – Developer Course (CFD-DC)
Course Overview

Common Faculty Development -Developer Course is a ten-day/80 hour course designed to provide curriculum developers with the skills necessary to write a lesson plan. The course goal is to create curriculum using all phases of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE) instructional design process, while building a strong foundation in adult learning principles, and applying those concepts to maximize student engagement and learning. The course is designed to provide newly assigned U.S. Army curriculum developers and instructor writers, with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a lesson plan that incorporates the core tenants of the Army Learning Concepts/Model, (ALC/M), Experiential Learning Theory (ELT), Adult Learning Principles (ALP), and utilizes the ADDIE model to construct a quality lesson plan that supports both the instructor and active student learning. Providing a common framework for instructors and curriculum developers to foster collaboration and teamwork. The course will be facilitated using experiential and self-directed learning, supporting the constructs of the Army Learning Concept Training and Education (ALC-TE) 2020-2040 and the Army Learning Strategy. Lastly, successful completion of CFD-DC fulfills part of the Faculty Development and Recognition Program (FDRP) requirements, Career Program 32 (CP-32) Certification with American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and is a pre-requisite for Training and Education Developer Middle Managers Course (TEDMMC). This course is not designed for new instructors.

Enrollment Pre-requisites

School registrars will provide the DOTD, FSDD registrar with the following paperwork:

  1. Computer Access memorandum signed by IT Supervisor/Coordinator (individuals must have FCoE computer access during seminar)
  2. Certificate of completion Blackboard 101
  3. Registrar Enrollment Form
  4. Certificate of completion of Risk Management (within 1 year)
  5. Certificate of completion of ABIC/CFD-IC or ArmyU equivalent qualification Course

Course Pre-Requisites:
The Registrar will notify participants of course date enrollment upon completion/submission of enrollment pre-requisites. Ten (10) working days prior to class start date, the participant will receive a copy of course Advance Sheet, Letter of Instruction (LOI), and Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP). This information must be read prior to the course and any pre-assignments completed/submitted, if applicable. Information is available on the Faculty Development SharePoint: (**CAC Required**)


Course dates and registration requirements can be obtained by contacting the DoTD Registrar at 580-442-1546 or on the FSDD SharePoint site (**CAC Required**)