Common Faculty Development – Instructor Course (CFD-IC)
Course Overview

The Instructor Course, one of two courses that comprise the Common Faculty Development Program, is a ten-day/80 hour course designed for new faculty (e.g. instructors, trainers, and facilitators). It is a competency-based course: the learning objectives are based on internationally recognized instructor competencies published by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction (ibstpi). The course prepares faculty to teach, train, and facilitate learning in an adult learning environment. It introduces faculty to Army instructor roles and responsibilities, teaching and learning models, and professional and ethical requirements. The course also introduces classroom management techniques, the process for building learning objectives and lesson plans, and characteristics of effective communication. Throughout the course, faculty will have an opportunity to practice teaching, working from short, simple practicum exercises to increasingly longer and more complex ones, culminating in an end of course lesson presentation. The first half of the course focuses on characteristics of effective instructors, self-awareness—of differences in teaching and learning style preferences—and fundamentals of teaching and learning as they apply to adults. The second week focuses more on application of those fundamentals in various teaching and learning practicums, with both instructor, peer, and self-assessment in a collaborative learning environment. The summative assessment will occur at the end of the course and consist of an individual 30- to 50-minute practicum.

Enrollment Pre-requisites

School registrars will provide the DOTD, FSDD registrar with the following paperwork:

  1. Computer Access memorandum signed by IT Supervisor/Coordinator (individuals must have FCoE computer access during seminar)
  2. Certificate of completion Blackboard 101
  3. Registrar Enrollment Form
  4. Certificate of completion of Risk Management (within 1 year)

- **Previous graduates of FDP1, FIFC, ABIC, SGITC, and IFSC remain certified as instructors and WILL NOT need to attend CFD-IC unless they have not attended a refresher/recertification course in over 10 years. These personnel will need to re-certify/refresh through the Advanced Instructor Course (AIC) or local recertification course every five years. In the event of a new faculty hire that has not actively taught in the past five years, but holds an equivalent course listed above, AIC is the course required.

Course Pre-Requisites
The Registrar will notify participants of course date enrollment upon completion/submission of enrollment pre-requisites. Ten (10) working days prior to class start date, the participant will receive a copy of course Advance Sheet, Letter of Instruction (LOI), and Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP). This information must be read prior to the course and any pre-assignments completed/submitted, if applicable. Information is available on the Faculty Development SharePoint: (**CAC Required**)

Course Date and Registration

CCourse dates and registration requirements can be obtained by contacting the DoTD Registrar at 580-442-1546 or on the FSDD SharePoint site (**CAC Required**)

Registration for CFD-IC can be conducted online at the following link: