Intermediate Facilitation Skills Course (IFSC))
Course Overview

The IFSC is designed to teach instructors how to facilitate a small group to achieve a training objective. As such, the course presents definitions, terminology, and instructional methods used in small group instruction.

The course also provides insights into how adults learn and develop as individuals and group members with a common goal. The course presents exercises and conference discussions designed to have students experience, first hand, how groups react and interact to a variety of situations and small group instructional methodologies


A Letter of Instruction is mailed NLT one week prior to class start with information about the class and when/where to pick up student materials

  1. Certificate of completion from a TRADOC approved Instructor Training Course
  2. Complete pre-requisites on Letter of Instruction (LOI), sent by Registrar after enrollment is complete.
  3. Required materials - bring to class:

    - ABIC Certificate, must be given to instructor at beginning of class on day 1
    - Must have computer access to complete course requirements
    - Formatted CD-RW (re-writable) or DVD are required for the student guide and presentations
    - Copy of the IFSC Individual Student Assessment Plan ISAP, sent in LOI
    - Lesson plan incorporating small group instruction should be brought to class
    - Learning Styles Inventory Scores from ABIC

Course Date and Registration

Course offerings can be found by consulting the PDD Calendar available on the FCoE SharePoint Portal (**CAC Required**)

To determine if seats are available, please contact Registrar: 580-442-2002

Course Registration Form