EW Electronic Warfare Officer Qualification Course

The Electronic Warfare Officer's Qualification Course is a 13-week resident course at the US Army Fires Center of Excellence, Fort Sill, Oklahoma. The course provides Active and Reserve Components of the U.S. Army, commissioned officers CPT through COL, accessed into FA 29 (EW), the education and training in the essential core skills necessary to successfully perform EW functions in support of the commander's concept of the operation.

This course includes education and training on the following topics associated with the duties and responsibilities of the Electronic Warfare Officer (Functional Area 29); Understand the evolution of Electronic Warfare; Understand Joint and Army Electronic Warfare Doctrine; Apply joint EW planning and lethal/nonlethal targeting; Utilize classified networks and Secure Web Based programs to identify world-wide EW/C2W threats; Understand the relationship of C2W with physical attack, EA, ES, CNA, and CNE; Understand concepts of Joint EW Guidance and Policy; Apply basic electricity and electromagnetic spectrum theories as they relate to electronic warfare tasks; Identify the characteristics, capabilities, and limitations of Radar Systems, Army EA and ES systems; Describe the fundamentals of radio communications as they pertain to EW and CREW employment; Identify and state electronic, EMS, RADAR, GPS, and communication/network principles as they relate to EW and C2W; Identify commercial antenna types and their uses; Identify various electronic devices and their use of the EMS; Identify capabilities of joint EW ground, air, surface, and subsurface EA systems; Identify the basic functions and capabilities of EW tools such as E-Space, Builder, SIPR, and the spectrum analyzer; Understand the capabilities of Joint & Army air and ground ES systems; Integrate and deconflict EW and SIGINT assets; Understand the relationship of spectrum management, frequency deconfliction and electronic attack; Identify steps of the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP) and the Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace (IPB) process; Understand the relationship of spectrum management, EW planning and lethal and nonlethal targeting as they apply to Army EW; Request and plan for joint Airborne Electronic Attack assets; Understanding of EW/C2W organizations and staffs to include Targeting, Fires, Operations and orders processing. A Top Secret Clearance (w/ SCI access) is required.