Fort Sill gathered around a small, nondescript wooden building in a corner of the Old Post Quadrangle last night. They came - the young Soldiers, the hard-core professionals, the civilians and the old vets - to pay homage to a spirit that has moved Fort Sill for many years. They gathered for the 100th Anniversary celebration of the opening of the field artillery branch's School of Fire at Fort Sill back in 1911. From its small beginning by the parade ground on a frontier post, the school and its branch have grown. In 1911, the president worried that the artillery couldn't successfully fire a massed barrage. Today, the artillery delivers a whole slate of support to the military, to include state-of-the-art precision weapons in any weather, any part of the globe. The advancements came through a long march of professional Soldiers, both staff and students, through the schools halls. Like most Army ceremonies, the general's spoke, the band played, the Soldiers stood and saluted. For this one, maybe Saint Barbara, the patron saint of the artillery, looked down, smiled and whispered, "Good job."

April 1, 2011

To all past, present and future Field Artillery Soldiers:

On May 19,2011, we will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the U.S. Army Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma during the annual Fires Seminar. Established in 1911, the Field Artillery School has been critical to our Army's successes in fighting and winning our Nation's wars for the last 100 years. At its inception, the School brought professional expertise, quality instruction, and a sense of pride into the Field Artillery, not only for the Army, but for the United States Marines Corps and Coalition Artillery throughout the world.

This anniversary is important to all Artillerymen, and I am personally humbled by the greatness of the branch and the incredible accomplishments the Field Artillery School achieves every day.

Countless great Field Artillery Soldiers have passed through this institution, most notably a President ofthe United States and multiple four-star Generals, to include several Chiefs of Staff of the Army and a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Field Artillery School is where they began their careers and learned about the standards and discipline within our proud branch. Rest assured that our Red Leg legacy continues, and it begins here at the Field Artillery School.

So, please join me in celebrating our 100th Anniversary of your Field Artillery School by reviewing our website and enjoying these historic articles and pages. I also extend an open invitation to all of you to attend our ceremony on May 19th at 1800, Old Post Quadrangle, Fort Sill, Oklahoma.

King of Battle!


Thomas S. Vandal
Brigadier General, US Army


1700 - Movement to Old Post Quadrangle
1800 - Welcome Maj. Gen. David C. Halverson, commanding general of FCoE and Fort Sill
1810 - Remarks Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, commanding general, US Joint Forces Command

Purpose of Dedication

1820 - FA School History  Brig. Gen Thomas S. Vandal, commandant, Field Artillery School
Unveiling of building Plaque - Maj. Gen. David C. Halverson, Brig. Gen. Thomas S. Vandal,
CSM Dwight L. Morrisey, CSM Daniel R. Willey
Unveiling of 50th Anniv Marker/Stone - member OCS class '61 (oldest FA officer)
Unveiling of 100th Anniv Marker/Stone - Youngest member of current Basic Officer Leader Course
Firing of the Half Section - Gen. Raymond T. Odierno

1845 - Closing Remarks - Brig. Gen. Thomas S. Vandal
1900 - Museum Open House / Reception