Business Management Branch
Chief Phone 580-442-5904
Branch FAX 580-442-7438

Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S)

For Geospatial Data Requests please complete the:

and contact one of the GIS Analysts below.

IGI&S PROGRAM MANAGER (580) 442-3815
IGI&S SRP-RANGE ANALYST (580) 442-3382


Directorate of Public Works ▪ Building 1950 Barbour Rd. ▪ Fort Sill, OK 73505 ▪ 580-442-3015
Energy Manager 580-442-6129
Chief 580-442-3608
FAX 580-442-7307
Quality Assurance 580-442-1699
Energy Conservation Program 580-442-6129
Cemetery Admin 580-442-2731
ISR 580-442-3254

Directorate of Public Works ▪ Building 1950 Barbour Rd. ▪ Fort Sill, OK 73505 ▪ 580-442-3015
Branch Chief 580-442-4906
Work Order Coordinators 580-442-4664
Facilities Management 580-442-3766


- What is the difference between a service order and a work order?

A service order is basic maintenance and repair project by a single shop that requires under 60hrs of work and less than $5,000. The service order desk number is 442-3251.
A work order is work to be performed that is over the service order limit. A work order requires a DA Form 4283 and a quad chart. (A quad is not needed for signs, I-Bolts and key requests). Information for work requests call 442-4664, 442-4337, 442-6096 or 442-4906.

- How do we find information pertaining to our service orders and work orders?

You can find the information on the DPW home page via the intranet. Click on Work Order/Service Order status. Select (box number one) Building number, Service order number, Work order number or Requestor ID from the first drop down box. You must type in the required information in box number two (ex. Building number - 01950). A list will be shown with all of your active work orders and service orders. If you click on the box to exclude completed work orders all of you cancelled and completed work orders and service orders will be shown.

- What is a Quad Chart?

A quad chart is an attachment to the DA Form 4283 that allows more information to be added for DPW to better determine how to solve the customer’s request and for justification of the project. Sample Quad Chart.

- When are work requests and quads due for the meeting and when and where is the quad meeting?

Work requests are due into DPW, Work Reception by 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning to make it to the quad meeting the next day, Wednesday at 0930. The quad meeting is held in the DPW conference room.

- How do we get permission for additional R&U supplies?

When you have received your quota of R&U supplies and more are needed, a DA 4283 can be filled out requesting the additional supplies and brought to work reception for signature.

Directorate of Public Works ▪ Building 1950 Barbour Rd. ▪ Fort Sill, OK 73505 ▪ 580-442-3015
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