USMC Artillery Detachment - Fort Sill, Oklahoma


Important artillery documentation and FOUO information can now be accessed from any CAC-enabled machine via SharePoint

All Marine Field Artillerymen - both officer and enlisted - are trained at the United States Army Field Artillery Training Center.  Although Marine presence at Fort Sill dates back to the 1950's, the Marine Detachment was formally established in October 1977, in conjunction with the closure of the Marine Barracks, Naval Ammunition Depot, at McAlester, Oklahoma.  The Marine Corps representative to Fort Sill was designated as the Commanding Officer, Marine Corps Personnel.

Contact Us

SDO: (580)458-9742

Battery 1st Sgt: (580)442-8628

S-1: (580)442-5448

S-3: (580)442-2307

XO: (580)442-6498