Inbound Personnel


Congratulations on your assignment to the United States Marine Corps Artillery Detachment, the Corps’ home of field Marine artillery. We are pleased to welcome you and your family and we are certain you will find your time at the professional home of Marine artillery to be both challenging and professionally rewarding. Since 1952, Fort Sill has been the center of artillery training for both officer and enlisted Marines, and our Marines have established a firm legacy of outstanding academic performance and superb instruction. Not only does the school provide for the educational and professional development of all enlisted Marines, officer, and warrant officer artillerists, we are also deeply connected to the Fleet Marine Force, providing instructional advice, guidance, and updates to doctrine, TTPs and to incorporate lessons learned.

To be sure, we believe in taking care of our people and we see leadership as service to our Marines and sailors as our primary mission as officers and SNCOs. We take great pride in how we receive our newly joined Marines and their families regardless of grade or Military Occupational Specialty. We also take great pride in what we do on a daily basis…from the knowing our jobs, policing and beautification of our areas and workspaces, to the appearance of our Marines, and how we conduct ourselves on liberty, in the field, or in the classroom. Our Marines take a genuine pride look after one another.

We are excited to have you joining the Marine artillery family. Also, please be sure to take an active interest in the U.S. Field Artillery Association now while it is convenient to do so. I would encourage you to take full advantage of your instructors as they are the best we can provide you. Never miss an opportunity to ask questions, provide us critical feedback on how to improve how we do what we do and take ownership of your new community.


Colonel C. A. Tavuchis, USMC
Commanding Officer, Marine Artillery Detachment, Fort Sill, OK

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