The 902nd Military Intelligence (MI) Group conducts full spectrum Counterintelligence operations for the Army enterprise to protect forces, information and technologies by detecting, identifying, neutralizing, and exploiting Foreign Intelligence Services, international terrorist threats and insider threats.

The Army Counterintelligence North Texas – Oklahoma Office, D Company, 308th MI Battalion, 902nd MI Group conducts full spectrum Counterintelligence operations for the Army enterprise to protect forces, information and technologies by detecting, identifying, neutralizing and exploiting Foreign Intelligence Services, international terrorist organizations and insider threats to U.S. Military forces at Fort Sill and throughout North Texas and the state of Oklahoma.

Supporting DOCS


  • Unauthorized persons ask about Army forces, secrets, technologies, etc. in person or thru email
  • Contact with foreign government, military or intelligence personnel
  • Potential compromise of defense information/security violations
  • Knowledge of anyone associated with or aiding a known or suspected terrorist organization or foreign intelligence security service
  • Knowledge of anyone displaying indicators of radicalization or anti-U.S. sentiments
  • Any known, suspected or contemplated acts of espionage, sabotage, or physical attack, by any person or group
  • If you are inappropriately searched, detained or questioned about your job while traveling in a foreign country, or have official documents stolen or confiscated
  • Unauthorized intrusions or theft of a sensitive computer system or electronic media device
  • Deliberate security violations or compromises
  • Family members threatened, coerced, or pressured in any way to cooperate with foreign officials, terrorist organizations, or radical groups
  • Instances where personnel attempt to defect or actually defect to another country
  • Attempts to encourage military or civilian personnel to violate laws or disobey lawful orders or regulations for the purpose of disrupting military activities
  • Any domestic or international terrorist threats or suspicions
  • Discovery of unauthorized technical surveillance devices
  • Any diversion or attempted diversion of U.S. technology to a foreign nation
  • Suicide or suicide attempts by personnel with security clearances
  • AWOL by personnel with security clearances
  • Knowledge about incidents where personnel are detained in a foreign country
  • Individuals impersonating Military Intelligence personnel
  • Job offers by foreign governments pertaining to design, manufacture, maintenance or deployment of weapons of mass destruction or other critical/sensitive technologies
  • Known or suspected compromise, or illegal diversion of U.S. Military critical technologies, or weapon systems by anyone on behalf of, or for the benefit of a foreign power
  • Knowledge of a threat to or about persons protected by the U.S. Secret Service


  • Protect information and follow security guidelines for handling classified information
  • Stay alert, be vigilant, and recognize situational stressors and indicators that people conducting espionage or terrorist insider threat actions may exhibit. Recognize activities and situations that may be espionage.
  • Report any known, suspected or perceived acts of espionage, sabotage, subversion, treason or terrorism to the Army Counterintelligence North Texas – Oklahoma, 902d Office at (580) 442-3726 during regular duty hours, or by calling the Duty Agent at (301) 825-3997 after hours.
  • Call (580) 442-2103, for matters requiring immediate MP attention on Fort Sill.
  • Dial 1-800-CALL-SPY to anonymously report suspicious activities nationwide.
  • Use a computer to transmit an iSALUTE, or REPORT AN INCIDENT.

  • Assist Army Units and Leaders to protect personnel, facilities and technologies
  • Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP) Training
  • Foreign Travel Security Education
  • Local area Threat Briefings
  • Foreign Visit Threat Briefings
  • CI Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
  • Cyber Counterintelligence Support

Indicators of a Potential Insider Threat

  • Encouraging disruptive behavior or disobedience to lawful orders.
  • Expressing hatred or intolerance of American society or culture.
  • Expressing sympathy for organizations that promote violence.
  • Expressing extreme anxiety about or refusing a deployment.
  • Associating with or expressing loyalty or support for terrorists.
  • Browsing websites that promote or advocate violence against the U.S, or distributing terrorism literature or propaganda via the Internet.
  • Expressing extreme outrage against U.S. Military operations.
  • Advocating violence to achieve political / religious / ideological goals.
  • Providing financial or other materiel support to a terrorist organization.
  • Seeking spiritual sanctioning for or voicing an obligation to engage in violence in support of a radical or extremist organization or cause.
  • Membership in an extremist or terrorist group, or adopting an ideology that advocates violence, extremism, or radicalism.
  • Purchasing bomb making materials or obtaining information on bomb construction and use.
  • Engaging in paramilitary training with radical or extremist organizations, either home or abroad.
  • Having ties to known or suspected international terrorist organizations, extremists, radicals, or their supporters.
  • An employee released from or not selected for employment, promotion, or bonus; who exhibits severe signs of PTSD, and who appears disgruntled and violent.

In isolation, these activities may not be indicators of potential violence or terrorist activity, but may indicate that the individual is at risk of becoming an Insider Threat. These activities should be reported immediately to your Chain of Command and the Army Counterintelligence North Texas – Oklahoma, 902d Office.