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Welcome to ADA Online

This web publication is designed to provide you with Air Defense Artillery (ADA) news of interest about weapons system development, procurement, updates and cuts, manning, military occupational specialties (MOSs) and ADA Soldiers. Submissions from the units keep the ADA community in touch with mission accomplishment, training and both military installation and local community sponsored social events. When the call goes out, whether peacetime or war – calm or storm, ADA Soldiers – Enlisted, Noncommissioned Officers (NCOs), Officers and Department of Defense (DoD) Civilians answer. Share your accomplishments and acknowledge your Soldiers ... This is the place to do it!


ADA Online provides the Air Defense Artillery community with an up-to-date perspective on what is happening in and around the ADA arena and fosters a spirit of unity and esprit de corps by forging a bond among active duty, reserve, guardsmen, retired air defenders and those that support them.

We look forward to publicly recognizing great Air Defense Artillery units and Soldiers, and are anxious to publish your submissions. To get you started, or just to help you over the speed bumps, we have developed the ADA Online Writer’s/Photographer’s Guide to assist you. Submissions should be emailed to the editor. For additional information contact the editor by phone at DSN 495-0487, commercial (580) 558-0487 or by email.

ADA Online’s content does not necessarily reflect the U.S. Army’s position or supersede information in other official Army publications. Use of news items constitutes neither affirmation of their accuracy nor product endorsements.

Kathleen M. Doyle ~ Editor-in-Chief