CDID Operations (Mission Support)

Chief CDID Operations

Mr. Robert A. Nelson Jr.

Mr. Robert (Bob) Nelson is currently assigned as the Chief of Operations, for the Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Fires Center of Excellence. He has held this position since 2011. His previous civilian assignments include: Sensors Action Officer, TPO Sensors 2003-05, Requirements Developer 2005-09, Future Force Lead Action Officer 2009 -11, all position in the Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate.
His military background begins at his enlistment in the Army as Field Artillery Fire Finder Radar Operator in 1982. In 1986 he was appointed as a Warrant Officer One Target Acquisition Radar Technician and achieved the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Four until his retirement in November or 2003. He is a current graduate of the Civilian Advanced Course from the Army Management Staff College.
Bob is married to Velanna since 1995. They have two children, Amber and Jessica and four grandchildren Corbyn, Jocobi, Everly and Gentry

Deputy Chief of CDID Operations

Mr. Anastacio Pete Gomez

Mr. Pete Gomez the Deputy of Operations (Mission Support), for the Capabilities Development and Integration Directorate, Fires Center of Excellence. He has held this position since 2015. His previous assignments include: A defense contractor with Tec Masters Inc., for about five years and was working at the Fort Sill Fires Center of Excellence Fires Battle Lab with the War-Gaming and Experimentations Division. His position was developing and providing all the Experimentation training to all personnel during the numerous experiments with all Centers of Excellence. He then was hired as a Department of Defense Civilian at CDID Knox Hall, working with the Concepts and Development Division (CDD) as a FA Specialist. His present duty assignment is Deputy of Operations (Mission Support) for the Directorate.

His military background begins at his enlistment in the Lance Missile crewman and Multiple Launch Rocket System crewman 1982. He was also a military police officer, he then conducted numerous overseas tours, and stateside assignments. He held various leadership and senior leadership positions from section chief, Senior Drill Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Operations Sergeant, Intelligence Sergeant in S2, Army Component/Reserve Component with 1st Army, Battery First Sergeant and Directorate Sergeant Major position until his retirement in September 2003. He is also a Battle Staff Graduate and during his civilian assignment credited all three CES levels of training. Also JACIDS graduate.

Pete is happily married to Maria Cecilia Gomez since 1982. We have three children, twin girls, Melinda, and Marissa age 30 both graduated from Eisenhower HS, the University of Oklahoma, also from University of Central Florida with a Masters degree in instructional design. My son Peter Gomez Jr. age 18 graduated from MacArthur HS, and is attending The University of Oklahoma


  1. Provide internal controls, administration support, budget management, supply and logistics, information technology management and facilities management functions.
  2. Ensure interoperability and commonality of related systems or functional capabilities for which the Directorate uses to conduct core mission set.
  3. Establish Directorate policy and procedures in support of Directorate mission set, including management and distribution of resources and other activities supporting daily op-tempo.


  1. Develop CDID business practices, procedures, and strategic plans.
  2. Conduct all security functions for CDID.
  3. Develop the CDID fiscal and personnel resource plans.
  4. Supervise receipt, analysis, status, and disposition of incoming actions, programs, tasking and visitor requirements.
  5. Provide admin/logistics assistance to directors and staffs to assist in fulfilling mission requirements.
  6. Provide information technology support to all sections with the CDID.
  7. Maintains all property books for CDID.
  8. Prepares CDID budget.