Capabilities Development Integration (CDI)CELL DETACHMENT

Chief, CDI-C

Mr. Gary Anaya

Mr. Gary Anaya has served as the Chief of the FCoE Capabilities Development and Integration – Cell (CDI-C), Fort Bliss since 2007. Prior to that he was the Deputy Director of the US Army Air Defense School Air & Missile Defense Battle Lab. Mr. Anaya works under the direction of the FCoE CDID Director in executing FCoE focus areas and initiatives at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Those initiatives include support to the training and certification of the Task Force that deploys in support of Operation Noble Eagle (ONE) which is the Air Defense effort designed to protect the National Capital Region (NCR) to prevent a recurrence of Sept. 11, 2001.

Overseeing the Counter UAS initiatives during Army Warfighting Assessments (AWA) and providing unique integrated Live-Virtual-Constructive (LVC) Fires capabilities. Mr. Anaya also provides support to the local 1st Armored Division (1AD) and 11th ADA Brigade by providing integrated LVC capabilities necessary to support unit training objectives while enhancing both critical Air-Ground Operations and AC2 Functions during Division (and below) Command Post Exercises (CPX).


Act as liaison between Forts Bliss and Fort Sill to coordinate activities for systems or functional capabilities for which the Fires CDID has proponency.

Integrate efforts of TCMs and CDID for activities at Ft Bliss to include Brigade Modernization Command (BMC) and 1st Armored Division.


  1. Support National Capital Region (NCR) Integrated Air Defense System (IADS) Training and Certification events using Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) ADA and hosting annual ARNG Shooter Battalion and Brigade Command and Control Culminating Training Events. Develop, sustain or acquire simulation to enhance training simulation capabilities for this Homeland Defense Mission.
  2. Integrate efforts of CDID, TCMs and FCoE for activities at Ft Bliss to include coordination with Joint Modernization Command (JMC) for Joint Warfighter Assessments (JWA) and Network Integration Evaluations (NIE) or other initiatives with CDI-Cell on the ground and LNO support. Provide dedicated level of effort to support Fires initiatives during NIE and JWAs.
  4. Develops and maintain comprehensive plans to provide an integrated Fires CDID presence at Ft Bliss with the 1st Armored Division (1AD), 32nd Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC) and 263rd AAMDC’s Homeland Defense Mission.
  6. Represent and simulate Fires in various exercises including 1AD, Joint or FORSCOM exercises such as 32nd AAMDC Roving Sands Exercise, 1AD CPX Iron Focus/Forge, JIAMDO’s Black Dart, and FORSCOM’s Red Flag Exercises. Provide Air Defense (Virtual PATRIOT) representation during United States Air Force Weapons School Mission Employment (ME) exercise. Support 1AD with critical 3rd dimension virtual Fires tactical stimulation to drive Division Command Post Exercises and Joint Air-Ground Integration Cell (JAGIC) training.
  8. Develop and maintain Virtual-Constructive capabilities to support 11th Brigade and AMD Test Detachment with RT3 expertise to facilitate Soldier led netted ABML training. Provide full kill chain BCP/TCS to ICC/ADAFCO tailored ABML scenarios for multiple AORs with current threat and Unit TTPs.
  10. Leverage live radar feeds to support 1AD, JMC and local MTC with a 24/7/365 live Common Operational Picture (COP) to provide situational awareness of aircraft operating within the Fort Bliss training area.