Fires Battle Lab

Director, Fires Battle Lab

Mr. Chris D. Niederhauser, Sr.

Duty Description:
Serves as the Director of the Fires Battle Lab, Fires Center of Excellence (FA & ADA). Works under the direct supervision of the Capabilities, Development and Integration Directorate (CDID) Director Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE). Accomplishes the missions and functions of all segments of the office, with the authority to make final decisions on matters which are not in conflict with existing regulations and policies. Serves as the principle advisor to the Deputy to the Commanding General and the installation Commanding General, USAFCOE on all actions pertaining to the Fires Battle Lab. Coordinates and interfaces with appropriate personnel to ensure the effective management and accomplishment of the Fires Battle Lab mission by developing and maintaining a comprehensive knowledge of the Army Future’s Command’s objectives for the Battle Labs.

Previous Assignments

Deputy Director, Fires Battle Lab
Chief, Models and Simulations, Fires Battle Lab
Chief, RSOI/Foal Eagle (CJ37), CFC/USFK
Chief, Integration Division, Combat Training Center Directorate
Eagle Team O/C, National Training Center
Regt AS3, S3 Plans 11th Aviation Regiment
Troop Cdr 2-6 Cavalry
Troop XO, PL, 1-4 Cavalry/1ID

EdD - Education Leadership, Education Technology (34 hrs completed), University of Phoenix
Masters of Business Administration, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Bachelors of History, Sam Houston State University
Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership, The George Washington University
Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth
Simulations Operations Officer Certification
USAF AGOS Joint Firepower Control Course

Deputy Director, Fires Battle Lab

Mr. Woody Gebhart

Serves with the full line authority of the Director in his absence and is responsible for planning, coordinating, and providing intensive management for all actions related to Fires Battle Lab. Coordinate and resolve experimentation, information technology, models and simulations, facility and personnel issues. Responsible for planning and synchronizing short and long term operational requirements necessary to achieve FBL mission success and manage the budget. Advises the Director and staff on the operational use of technology to support core Battle Lab objectives. Establish liaison and coordinates with technical, research, development, military, industrial, professional organizations, U.S. Allies, DoD agencies and national labs to maintain current knowledge of potential usable developments in technology and standard practices.

Previous Assignments:
Native of Philadelphia, Pa.
Army 1989 to Present
13E Fire Direction Specialist 89-95
131A Targeting Officer 96-01
13A FA Officer 01-11
DAC 11-Present
Gulf War, Battle of the 73d Easting 91
IIId Corps 92-95
US Army Recruiter 95
Camp Stanley, Korea, Radar Tech 97
214th FA Brigade, Counterfire Officer 98-01
Field Artillery Training Center (FATC) 01-03
Battery Commander 04-07
Military Transition Team (MTT), Baquba, Iraq 07
434th FA Brigade DET CDR, BDE S3, BDE XO, DCO 08-18
Fires Battle Lab 18 - Present

DBA Continuing Ed, CalSouthernU 2021
MBA 2017, Cameron
BBA 2004, Cameron
AA 2000, Cameron
Bronze Star
FA13E- Distinguished Honor Graduate and Master Gunner
Audie Murphy Club 93
Honorable Order of Saint Barbara 93
Fort Sill NCO of the Year 94
USAREC- Distinguished Honor Graduate
WOAC- Honor Graduate
OCS -Distinguished Military Graduate and Class President.
OBC- Distinguished Honor Graduate, Master Gunner, Master of Fires, Class Leader, Leadership Award Recipient
FAOAC- Distinguished Honor Graduate, Master Warfighter, Master of Fires


Execute current and future force experiments using live, virtual, constructive and gaming simulation environments to gain insights and impacts of emerging and evolving concepts, technology and materiel initiatives in order to provide informed recommended changes to DOTMLPF-P.

Functions: Models and Simulation Branch (FA and AMD):

  1. Manage, develop and maintain models and simulations (M&S) to replicate FA and ADA functional areas for TRADOC/Fires Battle Lab experiments and CDID analyses, Army integrations/technology insertions, Army Brigade-and-Below sustainment training, Joint Fires experiments and demonstrations, and FBL's FA and/or ADA integration experiments.
  2. Recommend, develop, test and integrate Live-Virtual-Constructive and Gaming environments on closed and/or distributed networks in order to support training, analysis and experimentation events.
  3. Manage/support simulation configuration control IAW AR5-11 for the various fires experimentation and analysis simulations.
  4. Develop, maintain and sustain technical, operational and terrain databases to support experimentation and analysis simulations
  5. Develop, maintain and sustain field and air defense artillery simulation scenarios for experimentation. Develop data post processing tables, collect and distribute data for CDID M&S applications.
  6. Enhance FA and ADA simulations and related M&S tools as necessary to support CDID M&S applications.
  7. Maintain DIS and various HLA standards in FA and ADA M&S (as necessary) to interoperate with other M&S in all relevant M&S federations.
  8. Develop and maintain seamless M&S interoperability with real-world, manned C4ISR tactical systems to support FBL M&S applications (especially near-term force integrations or technology insertions). Develop and maintain M&S interoperability with C4I Soldiers-in-the-Loop via Graphical User Interface to support future concept experiment M&S applications.
  9. Monitor, critique, and recommend improvements in realism and utility for FA and ADA replication of fires in Army combat simulations (JCATS, OneSAF, etc.)

Experiments and War-Gaming Branch (FA and AMD):

  1. Coordinate, plan, and execute experiments in support of the Army and FCoE Campaign of Learning.
  2. Support development of scenarios, operational and tactical orders
  3. Coordinate and provide manning for TRADOC and Joint experiments.
  4. Provide Fires SME support for FA and ADA to TRADOC and Joint experiments
  5. Develop documentation to support TRADOC and Joint experimentation of Fires initiatives.
  6. Preparing TRADOC's reports and briefings throughout the experiment cycle IAW TRADOC regulations.
  7. Review and provide input to all Fires doctrine, Field Manuals, operational and tactical concepts.
  8. Conduct and attend IPRs for TRADOC and Joint Experiments.
  9. Plan, prepare and execute the FCoE Army Live Prototype Assessment experimentation/demonstration program.

Experiment and Simulation Support Branch:

  1. Manage Experimentation Networks.
  2. Apply DoD and Army Network Security controls.
  3. Manage network authorities for experimentation and demonstrations e.g. Authority to Operate, Interim Authority to Test etc.
  4. Manage experimentation support equipment e.g. VoIP phones, VTC etc. Prepare, coordinate, monitor and execute experiment budget plans.